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EXPOSED!! Secret Facebook Coven Where Shuga Actress, Helena Nelson & Others Are Ripped Apart

secret coven-facebook-cvAmanda Chisom broke Nigerian Facebook yesterday, when she published screen grabs of a group of women…and some men…ripping her apart in one of the most wicked gossip chats I’ve read in recent times.

Soon after she made the gist public, another woman, Helena Nelson, an upcoming actress who plays a role in Shuga, an MTV drama series, also published screen grabs of the same group of people ripping her apart. In Helena’s case, they ripped her for being played by her boyfriend who was dating her and her best friend at the same time. They said Helena was thrown into “dick-pression” after that…helena-7helena-1 helena-2 helena-3 helena-4 helena-5 helena-6Helena and Amanda fought back by publishing the names of members of Tatafo Village secret group on Facebook. According to sources, Tatafo Village started as Amebo Secret Gang created by Amanda Chisom and her group of friends. When things went sour between them they closed Amebo gang group and opened Tatafo Village.

A close look at screen grabs leaked from the secret group, shows real toxic gossip, prompting Facebook users to christen the group, a “gossip coven of witches.”amebo secret gangThese are the list of names of members of this secret coven…cough!…group…but we all know how Facebook groups work. People add you to it, most times without your knowledge or consent. So some names here might be of innocent people…or not.

If it is true that Amanda Chisom created Amebo Secret Gang; a group set up mainly to rip people apart, then she is just reaping from Karma, the ancient bitch. You don’t open a group solely to rip people apart and not expect to get burnt yourself.

Like Katchy Egbulem wrote on her wall:

“This is how victimised goddess do their own Amebo…

The truth is Amebo is inside all of us, you and me. We all love Amebo and do Amebo. Sometimes in groups, sometimes inside inbox

Aunty actress collect this one first from your saint bestie

Ndi ara! Let us all be mad 😂”KATCHY-CLAP BACK-2

More people caught in the web are posting more hair-raising screen grabs to prove that Amanda who styles herself as a “goddess”, may not be so innocent herself after all. AMANDA GOSSIP-21 AMANDA GOSSIP-22 AMANDA GOSSIP-23

We may be in for a week of loathsome entertainment.



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