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Eye-Popping Viral Video Shows How A Lady Stripped Naked On A Commercial Bus

An eye-popping display which was captured by Christopher Fisher, a local traveller in a commercial bus, and posted on Facebook has gone viral for the wrong reason as the X-rated video has been viewed more than 60,000 times, and counting.

 According to a report by Dailymail, the video footage, which was recorded on board a Baltimore MTA bus on Friday, begins with a curvy woman pulling off her underwear and exposing her buttocks and genitals in front of stunned passengers.
The woman appears unfazed as she leans on a railing, dressed only in a T-shirt, a pair of striped knee socks and neon-colored sneakers.
Much of what is being said by the amateur stripper is unintelligible, but at one point she could be heard telling someone on the bus: ‘give me my mother****ing money.’ She then proceeds to remove her shirt and is left standing in a striped pink-and-blue bra, with her hand planted confidently on her hip.
The woman then pulls a pair of purple panties back on as she continue to exchange indecipherable words with other riders. A few minutes later, the woman collects her belongings and calmly proceed towards the exit.
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