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Fans Attack Regina Askia For Supporting Linda Ikeji

REGINA ASKIA-COVERRegina Askia weighed in on the Linda Ikeji/Wizkid saga yesterday whilst the two feuding celebrities were settling their differences at the Lagos police commissioner’s office.

The former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria now based in the United States as an RN shared a link from The Trent and wrote:

“Wow…. Clap clap clap again!!!! Kudos to this lady. A MUST READ FOR EVERY NIGERIAN WOMAN!! Will the Whiz kid do the right thing and apologize? Let’s see if maturity and dignity will prevail.”

REGINA ASKIA-LINDA IKEJIA heated debate soon started under this comment thread which I found both interesting and amusing. Check them out…

Enike: Another wrong praise from Regina Askia Williams… This is a lady, who has ruin a lot of lives by publishing wrong and speculative news on her blog without verifying from the source and she was never sued for it. Now, she is getting the taste of her own medicine.”


Enike: Regina Askia Williams but it’s right to published “fake” news and don’t retract… Let’s see how it goes. Next couple of weeks, we will see a lot of defamation lawsuit against her.”

Linda Ikeji & Wizkid

Regina: Exactly – defamation law suits NOT threatening to send people to hurt her and call her all kinds of unprintables. Enike is it not better to sue for justice than threaten to have somebody assaulted? Is it not better to speak your truth and keep it moving than use words that bring your upbringing into question? Has anyone of the lives she purportedly ruined been threatened with assault? I did not hear her say she gone beat up anybody… Did you?”

Others also chipped in..

“It would have been better for her to have said. She would beat than embarrass herself like this. A reporter must be wary of him or her self. Anyways. She’s helping Nigerian police start working harder n better.”

“Am mad at ladies who are supporting this young lad encouraging abuse on women. When can we ever celebrate one another? Smh”

“Story for the gods! HAVE you made any retribution for the damage to the lives of people you have trashed Linda, including women who you are now appealing to ‘join together’…..? If you feel your actions towards Whiz kid are justifiable, then,you owe no one any type of explanation,do what you’ve got to do, but by you having to explain your actions,and try to appeal for understanding, it seems a tad suspect to me….”

“When u pray for rain, expect mud too.”

“So its okay for her to mud sling other celebrities with her unfounded news and dent their image so she can make a buck? Am tired of women always wanting double standard but preach equality. Life is not burger king you can not always have it your way.”LINDA IKEJI-599x592“Aunty Regina Askia Williams where was everybody when she said she’s so rich she can buy any man. Nobody cried foul.”

“But wiz didn’t buy the house , he rented it and claims he bought it so what’s wrong by writing it and what is fake news there. Why wiz defend himself rather making noise like a bitch . Reporting to police make no sense because such is not a case in Nigeria the highest he write undertaken and case closed.”

“Lol, am still laughing at the fact that she is scared he threatened a minor will beat her. I don’t know how that will fly in court.”

“She should have just said that n all these stories for end. Saying is covered by freedom of speech. Doing is d act. So till then. If she wanna advocate for women she should sell dat house n use d money to build hospitals. N employ only women.”

“Is she really afraid of a minor? It’s a minor we are talking about here.”

“Regina Askia Williams, by you defending that statement proves everything and negates all your position as partial and sexist.It’s okay for men to be abused and defamed but once the tables are turned all of you want to cry foul.I have seen even the police walk away when a man is being physically abused but once it’s the other way round it’s crisis mode.”

“Regina Askia Williams i dont like linda Ikeji, one bit, she represents crude, junk journalism, but what Wizkid did was beyond unacceptable; wizkid is anathema of the most execrable kind, in writing those ugly words, he said a lot about himself, his upbringing and his family!”

“As a strong advocate of zero tolerance and a person who stands against every form of physical abuse against women particularly and against the abuse of children, and animals and men in general, I have looked at this matter and I think it appears to bea personal rift between Mr Wizkidayo and Linda. However, that Linda has reported the matter to the NPF affords the parties a platform at peace and another opportunity for the police to mediate between them and find a common ground.
Within her profession, Linda carried a story on Wizkid and rightly so. She didn’t threaten him even though the story may be damaging to his career and to some extent cause him emotional and mental discomfort; but she didn’t threaten him.
At best, Wizkid, as a singer, could simply have “arranged a remix” and yab Linda and get one back at her and in the process still make some money when people listen to the song; and whatever the content, it would pass as a “work of art” or a “stage drama” with no consequences outside the boundaries of theatre. But he chose the urgent and impatient path and the less respectable path by threatening the Beautiful and hard working Linda whom I think has a very fresh and naturally nicely scented “private part” than the smelly one Wizkid imagined in his musical mind. Besides, and even if Wizkids manager or director slept with Linda, so what? But she has denied it; and that’s not even important because sex is what human beings do. But another angle of this story that we shouldn’t miss is this: Linda seizing the opportunity of her conflict with Wizkid to make it a “women/men” issue is simply nonsensical. Her attempt, at best, brings a reductionist mentality on the rights of women to speak against abuse. No woman has so far accused Wizkid of abuse and I don’t think Wizkid is a woman beater. In her own words, she believes that “Wizkid is a fine artist with great talent.” Trying to turn this matter upside down and make it appear as if it is “Wizkid against women” is a silly attempt at curing sympathy from women. She even went as far as trying to suggest that women who “hail” Wizkid in her very public “yabbing” with her are only showing “sympathy for the devil” which is, as a matter of fact, a subtle attack against her fellow women. In simple terms she was trying to say to her fellow women, “if you are a woman, and you support Wizkid in this, then you must be stupid.”
She also questioned how any sensible man would see a woman who “gave another woman N500k to start a business as a prostitute?”
Was that a serious question?
Is she trying to say that prostitutes who have made money no longer support other women or don’t participate in philanthropy in our society?
Linda should know that people have different views and understanding and she should respect those views. I want to hope that the police should be able to provide Linda security if she needs one- she has to pay for it anyway- her work must go on!”



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