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Feather Brows…New Eyebrow Trend?

feather browsThe media is buzzing with a love and hate relationship concerning the new eyebrow trend. Eyebrow creativity have always been restricted to colouring and even highlighting. MUA Stella Sironen made this bold statement from just a casual yet daring makeup look.

Earlier in the week, Sironen posted a picture on Instagram of what we all call today the “feather brow” in which the arch’s hairs are divided pickle down the middle using a glue stick  for an effect that resembles barbs diverging along the quill.

Over 3000 comments came sweeping in and over 50,000 likes on Instagram but distinct parties were noticed like “Team Ew/Never gonna happen” and “Team we have a more enthusiastic response to the daring and fierce look”.

Stella Sironen made another post of the feather brow look, making it clear that she used Anastasia Beverly Hills deep brow pomade for an even more intense look.

What do you think? Is this a ravishing statement look or a creepy repulsive one. This is one the biggest eyebrow trends to hit Instagram since the highlight technique.



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