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FFK Denies Saying: “For Rejecting Jonathan, Nigerians Deserve Boko Haram”

FFK-CVPress statement from Femi Fani-Kayode. Read below…

It has been brought to our attention that Premium Times, a popular Nigerian online magazine, has alleged that Chief Femi Fani-Kayode wrote the following words on his Facebook page- ”For rejecting Jonathan, Nigerians deserve Boko Haram”. This is false and, needless to say, Chief Fani-Kayode has never and would never say such a thing or harbor such a horrendous and heartless view.

For the last few years Chief Fani-Kayode has been one of the loudest and most strident voices against Boko Haram in Nigeria and he has continously and courageously condemned them. He has also continously expressed his grave concerns about the barbarity and sheer evil that they have unleashed on the Nigerian people and he has constantly expressed his condolences to and support for the families whose loved ones have been murdered by them over the years.

For Premium Times or anyone else to allege that Chief Fani-Kayode wrote that the Nigerian people ”deserve Boko Haram” under any circumstances is not just mischievous but it is also irresponsible and malicious. It is a wicked lie which is designed to endanger the life and reputation of Chief Fani-Kayode and to subject him to public odium, ridicule, outrage and opprobium. We challenge anyone that doubts the veracity of our contention to go and read Chief Fani-Kayode’s write-up on his Facebook wall because it is still there.

They should point out where President Jonathan’s name was mentioned and they should also point out where he wrote that ”Nigerians deserve Boko Haram”. We urge our friends in the media to please check their sources properly before going to press and to quote people accurately.

They should also treat such matters in a thoroughly honest and professional manner and with the greatest sensitivity. Since yesterday night we have been inundated with calls from concerned Nigerians about this fake headline and we have had to go to great lengths to set the record straight. We appreciate the fact that the overwhelming majority of Nigerian media practitioners always adhere to the highest standards of ethics and practice but when things go wrong, for the sake of posterity, it is important to set the record straight.

Thank you”- Jude Ndukwe (Special Assistant to Chief Femi Fani-Kayode)”

Then he went on Facebook to say:

“For Premium Times, Kayode Ogundamisi or anyone else to allege that I wrote that “Nigerians deserve Boko Haram for rejecting Jonathan” in my last post is absurd.

I challenge all those that doubt me to read the full text of my last fb posting just below and tell me where i wrote that “Nigerians deserve Boko Haram”.

I never wrote that and neither would I ever do so yet those words were used as the headline for my posting in their internet magazines and they claimed that they were my words.

This is most unfair and it is simply an attempt to mislead the Nigerian public and incite them against me. By Gods grace it will not work. Nigerians do not deserve Boko Haram, they do not deserve to be bombed and they do not deserve to be killed and I never said that they did.

What they deserve is a President that is ready to fight terror with everything that he has got. I urge Premium Times and anyone else that got it wrong to set the record straight and I appeal to my fb friends and others to spread the word and let the truth be known. You may not like me or share my views but please don’t misqoute or misrepresent me.”

To read the original text he wrote which was later misconstrued, click HERE.



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