FINALLY!! Bill Cosby’s Wife Cries Out: “Leave My Bill Alone!” [READ HER PRESS RELEASE]


Breaking her silence: The statement is the first public comment from Cosby's long-time wife since a wave of rape allegations began swirling several weeks agoThis story is like a fat lump in my throat. I’m just a step from bawling each time a new ‘victim’ comes out to say she was drugged and raped by legendary African American actor, Bill Cosby.

It’s like being told your Dad did all these things. The pain is so raw. For every kid who grew up in the 80s, something would have to be wrong with you if you weren’t obsessed with The Cosby Show. Cosby was our TV dad and we were every inch a Huxtable, as we watched each exciting episode.

My kids and I still watch Cosby Show reruns today and as an adult, I totally enjoy watching the Fat Albert series as well. Cosby had successfully built a larger-than-life brand for himself-a feat, almost unachievable by a black man in the white-dominated American entertainment industry.

Now everything I thought I knew about our darling Dr. Huxtable, and our resilient Ghost Dad is about to change forever…somebody pinch me to awake from this nightmare.

When the slew of women who accused of rape began to increase, I said to myself: surely, there can be no truth to this. How can he have drugged or molested so many women. And then Beverly Johnson came out. Ms. Johnson is an icon in my opinion and has built a legendary reputation for herself solely on her hard work and talent. Surely, she has no need for cheap fame or publicity? Again, it must have taken her a lot of guts, to step out to tell a story that will damage her fellow African American for life; which if it turns out to be false will be eaten alive by the black community.

Since this rape scandal broke, Cosby has suffered such intense negative publicity that most brands and organizations that had any business collaboration with him have pulled out. Cosby resigned from the board of trustees of Temple University last week. The Cosby Show reruns have been snatched off air, and even predominantly black Spelman College in Atlanta has become the latest educational institution to sever ties with the embattled comedian. 

In all of these the 77 year old comedian has kept totally silent about these accusations and have made no attempt to defend his good name, leaving people to wonder why the silence over such scathingly damaging accusations?BILL-STARCamille Cosby has finally broken the family’s code of silence on the issue. The comedian’s wife of 50 years released a scathing statement Monday afternoon defending her husband in the face mounting allegations and condemning the way he’s been portrayed in media coverage over the past month. Mrs Cosby said:

I met my husband, Bill Cosby, in 1963, and we were married in 1964. The man I met, and fell in love with, and whom I continue to love, is the man you all knew through his work. He is a kind man, a generous man, a funny man, and a wonderful husband, father and friend. He is the man you thought you knew.

A different man has been portrayed in the media over the last two months. It is the portrait of a man I do not know. It is also a portrait painted by individuals and organizations whom many in the media have given a pass. There appears to be no vetting of my husband’s accusers before stories are published or aired. An accusation is published, and immediately goes viral.

We all followed the story of the article in the “Rolling Stone” concerning allegations of rape at the University of Virginia. The story was heart-breaking, but ultimately appears to be proved to be untrue. Many in the media were quick to link that story to stories about my husband – until that story unwound.

None of us will ever want to be in the position of attacking a victim. But the question should be asked – who is the victim?”

There is no doubt that the talented actor and comedian was once well loved. Now the question on the lips of his die-hard fans and admirers is: Did he do it or not? Watch Wendy Williams debate on it in her hot talk segment…



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