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“F**king A Woman Does Not Mean You’re NOT GAY” – Kenny Brandmuse

KENNY BRANDMUSE-800x784Kehinde Bademosi aka Kenny Brandmuse, has been vocal about his past life…his life as an heterosexually married born again Christian man living in Nigeria.

The brand expert who now lives as a proud gay man in Baltimore, Maryland, revealed how he got married to a woman even though he was gay, led a false life just to satisfy society and how his now ex-wife allegedly victimized him when he eventually got fed up and asked for a divorce 6 years after with a child together.

Today he shared this via his Facebook page. Read…

“One of those days, we would go to Couple’s Breakfast Fellowship at the church. My wife and I. These were paid events where some ministers of God, who had some standard and enviable marriages would be invited to teach us how to be romantic.

Come home early. Make dinner together. Engage in longer foreplay. Remove your socks from your shoes and air them outside the bedroom. I usually sat in and watched how excited everyone was except me.

I never had a problem with romance. I knew how to eat a woman’s pussy till she began to shudder. And even though I was not a good cook, I knew the art of candle lighting, aroma and all those pheromone-inducing seductions.

What was missing was the fact that I was gay. No, not a bisexual. I’m a full-bodied man who desires a romantic connection with another consenting man. These breakfast meetings were a waste of my time. I could teach them how to make a earth-shattering love or how to treat a woman right.

No, that’s not what my beautiful wife needed. It’s only a fraction of it. Fucking a woman does not make you a heterosexual. Some dildos do even better. It’s how much time you want to spend with her. 100% companionship.

The question is not as complicated as we make it seem. If you’d rather have a male-bodied companionship when no one is watching, you are G.A.Y”KENNY BRANDMUSE-GAY TALK



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