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Follow Peace Ben Williams On Linda Ikeji Social #LIS

DEEVA-LENSTROKES BIRTHDAY SHOOT-9So yours truly has joined the latest social network in Africa, Linda Ikeji Social.

It feels like it’s going to be an amazing experience. So I’m inviting you all to join me there on https://www.lindaikejisocial.com/profile/peace-williams

I’ve also launched a page there where I shall be sharing with you all how I shed off the weight a lot of you have been curiously asking about…hehehe!pbw-lis

So join me.



About Peace

Peace is a wife and mother who reports and analyses global trends from the perspective of a Deeva; in the hope of invoking a thought process that will lead to a positive change.

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  1. Elendu's Girl-pickin

    Congratulations Linda Ikeji on the launch of LIS.

  2. Hopefully it doesn’t crash because of too much spamming on the site tho…

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