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Forbes List of America's Top 10 Billionaires

Forbes has released its 2012 ranking of America’s richest 400 billionaires. Those who made it to the top 10 are…

1. Bill Gates,  56yrs  from Medina, Wash., $66 billion- Source, Microsoft
2. Warren Buffett, 82 yrs from Omaha, Neb., $46 billion –  Source, Berkshire Hathaway
3. Larry Ellison,  68yrs from Woodside, Calif., $41 billion – Source, Oracle
4. Charles Koch, 76yrs from Wichita, Kan., $31 billion – Source, Diversified
4. David Koch,  72yrs from York City, NY, $31 billion – Source, Diversified
6. Christy Walton & family, 57yrs from Jackson, Wyo., $27.9 billion – Source, Wal-Mart
7. Jim Walton, 64yrs from Bentonville, Ark., $26.8 billion – Source, Wal-Mart
8. Alice Walton, 62yrs from Fort Worth, Texas, $26.3 billion – Source, Wal-Mart
9. S. Robson Walton,  68yrs from Bentonville, Ark., $26.1 billion – Source, Wal-Mart
10. Michael Bloomberg,  70yrs from New York City, NY, $25 billion, Source, Bloomberg LP

Bill  Gates, Warren Buffet and Larry Ellison still held on to their respective spots at numbers 1, 2 and 3, with a dollar gain for this year amounting to $7 billion, $7 billion and $8 billion, respectively.  Ellison’s $8 billion jump was the biggest dollar gain of anyone on the list this year.

The two brothers, Charles Koch and David Koch tied in 4th place so there was no 5th place.

Good friends Gates and Buffett are also the most generous people on the planet, having given $28 billion and $17.5 billion to date, respectively, including $1.5 billion that Buffett gave away since the last rich list.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg  fortunes went down by $8.1 billion, making him the year’s biggest dollar loser, though he is still $2.5 billion richer than he was two years ago . This has dropped Zuckerberg from No. 14 on the list to No. 36.  But he’s luckier than his other social media brethren who dropped off the list entirely.

This year, 7 of them who had made the list earlier, passed away. They were 25 other drop-offs including Groupon’s Eric Lefkofsky, Zynga’s Mark Pincus and Facebook’s venture capitalist Jim Breyer who missed the cut by $50 million.

Oprah Winfrey made the cut at 151st position, Donald Trump at 128 and Steven Spielberg at 125.



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