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Former Nollywood Actress Fights Cancer

N-CANCER-XEx Nollywood actress, Juliet Agunwa who used to feature in NTA’s TV series called ‘Twist Away’ and ‘Memorial Hospital’  is a breast cancer survivor. She’s returning to Nigeria from her base in America to continue her campaign against breast cancer, under her ‘Courage to Dare Foundation’.

She said, “through Courage to Dare Foundation, I am determined to ensure that individuals of African descent have access to information about breast cancer and also have access to preventive mammogram screenings. These days, I feel as though breast cancer gave me a new life. Before I had breast cancer, I worked hard on being a mother and a wife, and I think one of the things I neglected most was me! So after cancer, I decided that you only have one time to live your life.”

“I am also going to keep talking about breast cancer because people have to know that being diagnosed with the disease doesn’t mean that they are going to die, that with early detection and quick action, they can survive breast cancer.”

Well done, Juliet!




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  1. For those of us that watch wrestling, WWE in particular,you’ll notice that John Cena & the WWE as a company have also joined the fight against breast cancer.
    Nice one. Keep fighting

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