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FR MBAKA: An Analysis Of His Utterances, Previous Trends And Looking At The Buhari Agenda

FR MBAKAThis article was written by Awazie Chinomnso. Please read…

I’m about to look at a very controversial issue. I understand that. I will lay the TRUTHS and FACTS bare for us to see and judge for ourselves. I won’t try to convince you, no! I will just present the facts and let you make up your mind!

Let’s back up the earlier forays of Fr. Mbaka into politicking, what effects his utterances and his later views of the effects of his utterances.

It’s is no secret that Mbaka openly canvased votes for Governor Rochas Okorocha during 2011 elections in Imo state. Just like he is doing now for Buhari, Fr. Mbaka hinged his support of Okorocha then based on the information that then Governor Ikedi Ohakim flogged a Catholic priest.

I too was sucked up too in that lie that Ohakim flogged a Catholic priest. I believed it, until the same Fr. Mbaka who was the main force of this propaganda came out openly to say HE WAS MISLED! I was amazed! How could a Catholic priest like Mbaka with the kind of followership and clout he commands fail to even put a call to his fellow priests and ascertain the truth of this situation? How could he not ask FOR THE NAME OF THE PRIEST FLOGGED at least?

WHO FEEDS HIM INFORMATION? WHO FORMS HIS VIEWS? I was really worried. As much as humans are fallible, Fr. Mbaka’s failure to confirm from his colleagues the veracity or otherwise of the ‘Ohakim-flogged-a-priest’ story before running with it and destroying Ohakim’s political career leaves a lot to be desired. What is curious again is that Fr. Mbaka DID NOT CORRECT THAT MISTAKE TILL IT WAS ANOTHER ELECTION YEAR FOUR YEARS LATER! Is Fr. Mbaka a politician? That is a hard question we must ask so that his utterances can be viewed in proper perspectives! Whereas he is viewed as a religious leader, we need to pause, take a break, ask hard questions and put things in proper perspectives.

Curiously, Adoration grounds has been a political campaign platform for various politicians, for and against; Chimaroke, Ngige, Peter Obi, Obiano, Dame Patience, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, Governor Rochas, Ikedi Ohakim and others I can’t remember now. Apart from Dame Patience, Fr. Mbaka’s political colorations via his Adoration platform has been limited to Igbo issues. I’m forced to ask, this latest attempt, is it intended to be a permutation vehicle to launch him onto the national scene in his theopolitical endeavours? We are watching.

Next, let us look at the visit of Dame Patience Jonathan to adoration grounds. I gather its as a result of a previous visit by Senator Ike Ekweremadu who, incumbent deputy Senate President, who is currently fighting the political survival battle of his life in Enugu state majorly as a result of the oath of serving governors to all retire to the senate chambers! Since there are people there already, there is only one way to achieve the governors’ oath: PUSH OUT INCUMBENT SENATORS REPRESENTING THE SENATORIAL ZONES OF THESE GOVERNORS!

It’s not been an easy ride for some, eg Governor Uduaghan of Delta State had to drop his own ambition in the interest of peace, that is after so many poster and banners had been printed and bags of what-and-I-know had exchanged territories! People let out huge sighs of relief because the run-up was shouting serious signs that trouble lay ahead.

This is the kind of situation Senator Ekweremadu is facing in Enugu State and to prove he’s got balls made of iron, he dragged Dame Jonathan to adoration grounds on subsequent visit. Now, this adds another layer of confusion to Fr. Mbaka’s theopolitical maneuvers. Let us ask another pertinent question; WHERE DOES FR MBAKA STAND WITH GOVERNOR CHIME POLITICALLY! Kindly note that I’m not looking at Chime’s achievements, no, I’m asking after POLITICAL KPARAKPOISMS!

It is rumoured that the wrestling bells for the fight between Sullivan Chime and Ike Ekweremadu seems to be tolling in favour of Ekweremadu ever since the guy with iron balls dragged the Presidents wife to Adoration Political Platform to show that he’s got Abuja backing, thereby whipping doubting minds into alignment with his line of ambition. IS THIS LATEST VITUPERATIONS BY MBAKA A PAYBACK BY CERTAIN FORCES TO GEJ FOR ALIGNING WITH IKE EKWEREMADU? I will advice you chew on that!

Now, you will find below a link to the video of SAME FR MBAKA praising GEJ TO THE HIGHEST HEAVENS few months back! In hindsights, I think it’s a fortunate political happenstance that the campaign team of GEJ skipped hyping that video: now it’s a DEADLY REBUTTAL from Fr. Mbaka to Fr. Mbaka! Epic! Same mouth that praised is same mouth that’s cursing, a situation akin to a fountain producing good and bad water at same time, in same place and to the same people!

Someone might argue that the later pronouncement should be taken, but therein lies the most lucid espousal of Fr. Mbaka’s perceived hypocrisy: GEJ has been in power for close to five years now as a SUBSTANTIVE PRESIDENT, and as late as few months back, same Fr. Mbaka was praising GEJ to the highest heavens! What or more appropriately WHO got to him to make him change mouth? A five-year assessment being changed within a matter of weeks?

It sounds more like, ‘so these people have gone to Mbaka’s AMEN to politic, AMEN, here we come’! I wouldn’t like Adoration ministries to become a place of disrepute, but from the Ohakim debacle to this latest 180 degrees turn, I’m afraid Fr. Mbaka is tearing down the respectable religious platform he created and replacing it with a political one, adequately ingrediented with sprinklings of religious spices! #LetAdorationMinistriesRemainAPrayerGroundPlease!

Now unto the said pronouncements, there are some not-so-reverential statements made by Fr. Mbaka, which clearly mirrored some pronouncements elsewhere and even tried to apply make-up on some of the worst politicking gaffes we have seen of recent;

Fr. Mbaka alluded the fall of crude oil prices to GEJ! As far as he was concerned, it was not due to the development of shale oil in US, arguable the worlds biggest oil consumer of crude oil and who until recently was Nigeria’s biggest customer before she developed technology to unlock her shale-locked oil that is in quantum amounts.

Obviously, Fr. Mbaka is not aware that Middle East crises has flooded the market with ALMOST FREE OIL from players there, including ISIS! When I tell people that UAE and other traditional allies of Islam are potently fighting ISIS based on MAINLY economic reasons AND political survival, they claim it’s just for religious reasons. This saying holds true world over: IT’S ABOUT THE OIL! Always has, always is, and always will be till the nearest forseable future!

You are free to argue that the much you wish, but that’s a truth that will outlive this generation at least. Fr. Mbaka clearly is clueless about these or being plain mischievous. Don’t call for my head when I state that mischief is the second name of MOST religious leaders. You don’t need to go far to see it! Islamic leaders o, Christian leaders o, Maharaji’s, even our from-ancient-times traditional religion leaders, I mean our native doctors!

My mum drew the ire of one early in her marriage when certain elements in the family insisted she be taken to a native doctor so they can ascertain who re-incarnated her! She told me that when they got there, the bubuyaya native doctor asked her to start naming her dead ancestors with a view to identifying whom she WAS! The woman with acclaimed bloody stubbornness simply shot back at the native doctor in his shrine to NAME THE ANCESTORS HIMSELF! I was even shocked when she told me the story at first, till I confirmed it true! That’s me; I always seek confirmations or otherwise.

Now problem is these religious leaders don’t raise flags to say ‘now let’s do politics’, no, they rather pack everything to the rafters with religious colorations. No differentiations of ‘Thus sayeth The Lord’ from ‘Thus sayeth I the Pastor/Deacon/Fr./Evangelist/Bishop/Native Doctor’, none at all! Just one continuum. Wrong, but that’s the reality.

I heard him mention Second Niger Bridge as not delivered, a project seriously ongoing as you read this. Who informs Fr. Mbaka? What is he up to? It’s not far from Enugu, he can take a stroll to the site instead of working on hearsay, again, that is if his intentions are clean and not delineate mischief making.

He talked about our economy going down: again I ask, WHO INFORMS FR MBAKA? We are now the largest economy on the continent and he’s doubting that? World economic experts and bodies have verified these data, yet Fr. Mbaka reads from which source? Is this another ‘Strange aiyakraft’ mentality?

He was casting aspersions on other religious leaders, claiming not to be campaigning, yet was doing the very opposite. At some point, he clearly mentioned Buhari! And I must confess he did the BEST JOB SO FAR at attempting to remove the HAUSA tag on Buhari. No wonder people for the first time in AMEN history started milling out from the venue! I’ve also heard SEVERAL ARDENT CATHOLICS distance themselves from this his latest utterances, some calling it ‘nkogheri’. I cringed at that, but it seems there is an element of truth in the criticism of Fr. Mbaka by Catholics!

In closing, let me quote the Bible and relate it to Fr. Mbaka’s utterances:

Deuteronomy 18:22 KJV

“When a prophet speaketh in the name of the Lord, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.”

Mbaka said:

Chimaroke Nnamani will never be Governor for the second time. If it ever happens, I will drop my priestly frocks as a catholic priest’

Chimaroke Nnamani went ahead and won a second term, finished it. It’s now clear where this man stands with God! Enough said!

If you haven’t watched Fr. Mbaka’s message already, click below to watch…

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