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French Model Walks On The Street Half-Naked As Part Of Art Experiment [WATCH VIDEO]

That's one way to get attention! A French model walks down the streets of Lille with jeans painted onA French model allowed her pal, make-up artist, Marie “Marie P” Przybylski to paint on her body, a pair of  extra-skinny blue jeans. Then she went outside for a stroll.

The idea was thought up by students Sarah Baboro and David Lesage, who study PR at a school in Belgium. Their homework assignment was to create a ‘Buzz video’ for their final exam – that is, one that would generate a lot of views and publicity. So the pair recruited make-up artist Marie P, who took two hours creating the faded blue jeans on Marie’s legs using body paint.

Paired with a bra and shirt tied at the waist, the model, also named Marie, walked the streets of Lille in France, much to the confusion of onlookers. All she wore on her lower body was a G-string panty.

The video was posted on YouTube and has been viewed over 7 million times and counting. Oh well, I hope Sarah and David got top marks in their assignment for this!

Paint job: Marie makes the finishing touches to her model in the impressive jeans she has painted on her legs

Rear shot: The model poses with her jeans painted on. The detail on the jeans makes them hard to tell they aren't realpainted jeans2


Video Credit: Sarah Babz

Source: DailyMail




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  1. That entertainers, artists and footballers show traits of naked or near naked public exposure to demonstrate their importance is no news but whether their action meet up international acceptance is another kettle of fish

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