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FRENEMIES…Run Away From Them!

Reading this shocked me. May God deliver us from evil even as we are in tune with the reality around us. Read this eye-opening piece by 
Blessing McColumbus on Facebook…


When I was marrying Alex, he was living with his cousin, who hated every of the step I make. She told me to my face, that she hates me…. That even if I marry her brother for 99 years, that one day, I will leave her brother. I kept all these for her, until Alex woke up with a bad dream, one day…. and behaved like a possessed man. He went straight to his cousin’s room/guest room, and threw her things, out in the open. She screamed, and asked him if he is OK, Alex grabbed her, and threw her out of his house. She screamed for people to come and beg Alex… Alex entered his car, and went after her. She grabbed her bags, and fled for her life. I was shocked through out. When my husband calmed down, cos he was breathing so high, was shaking, and was angry, as I can’t understand. I asked him why he did that, after he was calm… He looked at me, drew me to him, and held me so tight.

Alex: she wanted to harm you. 

That was how his cousin left our lives.

6 months later, she came begging with all sincerity, she called me “Aunty”, embraced me, and asked me to forgive her,and forget the past . I was so excited. I did automatically. Never knew that she discovered that Alex’ mumu button, is me. After a little while, she came for holiday, and stayed back, after the holiday expired. Nobody asked her when she was going back. One week holiday, became 4 months holiday. She was well welcomed, so nobody bothered her.

Alex woke up again, breathing so fast. I held him down, tried to control him, no way… He sprang up, ran to the guest room

Me: oh not again! She has changed!

Alex: she is worse!

He grabbed his cousin, and held her neck

Alex: what did you take from her ? show me!

She tried to free her neck…

She: I did not take anything from your wife, brother!

Alex tightened his grip, around her neck. As I tried to release his hand, I looked into Alex ‘ eye balls, they have turned cold and steel. I started hitting Alex from behind, shouting… Alex sort of, allowed my voice to penetrate him, he loosened his grip, and his cousin dropped on the floor, coughed, coughed, and shocked me with what she confessed to.

Cousin : I only cut a little piece of her wrapper, and took it to a native doctor, at okpo n’umobo, Umungasi Aba, in Abia state , where he promised he could use it to make your wife barren.

My brain switched off, I subconsciously felt for the bed, and sat on it, hating myself to be tricked by this girl, just for her to get closer. That was that.. Alex threw her out, like a base ball, and cursed her, after training her in the university, and everything he did for her, as a brother.

Since that time, the lady have never been the same.

Tessy Rogers Is marrying Alex’s senior brother, she is a living witness.

Why did I write this?


In my world. I forgive, but never forgets.

It is wrong for you to forgive, and also give up the reminder of not forgetting, so that it will protect you from their likes. In this life we are in now, if you want to live long, forgive, but do not forget. It will be like a wall, shielding you to stay away from more harm.

There are some friends you have, that hates you with all they have, but they are tagging along, as your good friends, waiting for the said time, to strike.

Have you asked yourself, why you had only, a little quarrel with your girlfriend, she took it to another level? She will spill all you did in the secret, will even go to your husband, and tell him the untellable tales about you, just to ruin your marriage along. She is not done.. She will spread you like Nepa, to all asundry, so that people will avoid you, and she will end up making your world, unenviable, and Small. And she will relax, and watch your downfall, with some champagne, in her hands. As you are folding in your life, you have gone beyond shock, cos you kept wandering how you wronged your girlfriend for her to bring you down to ashes.

I have an answer to that…

She was your enemy.

She could not destroy you from afar… Cos enmity, has its stigma, it keeps you outside the wall…whike friendship, crosses you from the wall, to the inside, and makes you draw closer. With this strategy, your enemy, automatically, comes to ask you to forgive and (forget). With your kind heart, you do so, and she becomes a friend.. (frenemy).

Watch them….
They will go to any length to please you. They will buy you gifts, take you out. You will now trust and relax with them, to let her into your personal space. You will tell her things, she will be your bestie, you will confide in her, she will give you shoulders to cry on, she will always be there for you.

Information is power.

You never knew that she was gathering what she will bury you with.

When she is full, and you have armed her enough with everything about you, she becomes irritated. Anything you do to please her, will irritate her. No more patience with you. She wants out. Any harmless thing you say to her, will bring quarrel. She talks to you anyhow, until the day you have had enough, as a human being, and confronts her, to know what her problem is.. She will flare, and declare war. Amist your confusion to… “what did I do to her”…she will boomvoom, spread you like chicken feeds. Blow things about you, out of proportion, and attack with all she has In her arsenal, about you. At last, you will watch yourself, drowning alone, while she watches with arms akimbo, playing blindness, over the hands you stretched to her, for rescue. As you are done drowning, she will match the spot you drowned in, to seal, and she will spit on it, with disdain. She will dust her hands, and pat herself on the back.

Your last discovery, when you were drowning, was…. “she actually, was never my friend, all these while”..then you drown.

whenever, someone, relations, siblings, friends, you observed, have wronged you, and the person don’t like you…. When they come to you, offering the hands of friendship again. Bring out your long spoon, to dine with them, bring out your long pole, to mingle with them.

Remember, as an enemy, they have no access to you, cos of the wall, but as your friend, they will be closer, to stab you.

Learn to forgive, but never forget. It will protect you not to make that mistake again.

It’s not a sin, it’s a guide.

Beware of Frenemies.

CREDIT: Blessing McColumbus

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