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Fulani Herdsmen Are Still Killing Plateau Farmers [GRAPHIC PHOTOS]

PLATEAU3These gruesome photos were shared by a Facebook user who is a native of Plateau State, Nigeria and he wrote:

“Now Plateau people wake up, prepare and head to their farms with the sole aim of contributing their own share of their national duty, to feed other Nigerians at home and in other parts of the country. All they have is their farming implements and fertilizers.

Now there is another group of people bent on a systematic extermination of plateau people, who carry guns, cutlass and other dangerous weapons to target, waylay and ambush these farmers kill them and peacefully walk back to their herds and cattle as if nothing happened, they wait for tomorrow to repeat such. The Nigerian army always either down-play the concerns, falsify for what ever reason, the facts or trivialize the fears of these villagers.

The Nigerian army is quick to round up communities and massacre innocent Plateau people in Kadarko, yet turn a blind eye to the countless atrocities of the Fulani cattle herders in Plateau state.
They are quick to profile, target and abduct members of the “one voice” Jos protesters, whose protest is against the massacre in plateau and the obvious complacency of the Nigerian army.

Yet farmers whose patriotic intent at feeding their family and other Nigerians get killed by the day with no genuine attempt made to arrest, prosecute or even investigate the suspects.
Nigerians should know that this is what is happening in plateau and why people are silent when this should be a cause for concern to all eludes me.

If YOU…. wherever you are, think it is none of your business, then you don’t really know what your real business is.


Source: Jelkyes Dafwat on Facebook



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