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Fulani Herdsmen Attack Plateau People Of Sho Riyom In Possible Genocide Attempt [GRAPHIC PHOTOS]

PLATEAU-DEAD 2I must warn you, the photo you’re about to see are very graphic and disturbing.

Just viewing them upset me in no small measure and I feel in my own little way, I must lend my voice to speak out against this evil on humankind.

A Twitter user, Langs Bulus, who happens to be a local shared these photos of his tribesmen and women slaughtered by the notoriously violent Fulani herdsmen.

The first photo you’re viewing are of 14 men and women from Sho village in Riyom local government area of Plateau State. They were on their way to Birkin Ladi on Tuesday July 7, to process their Bank Verification Number as mandated by the Federal Government, when they were ambushed by the Fulanis.

PLATEAU-DEADThese two men pictured below, whose bodies were recovered and put in a truck to be taken to the morgue were also murdered by the Fulanis.PLATEAU-DEAD 3PLATEAU-DEAD 4Bulus shared the photos in the hope that Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari and the international community would pay attention. Perhaps they can step in to intervene as many Nigerians are beginning to fear it is some sort of silent ethnic cleansing being carried out in the Nigerian plateau.

Bulus wrote on his Twitter timeline:

“If you’re silent over the massacre in Riyom and Birkin Ladi because you’re in your safe haven, history will not forgive you. Speakout!!”

On July 4, Bulus reported that two students of Dalo Memorial School Foron in Birkin Ladi, were killed at a stream close to their school by fulani herdsmen. It is not clear if the students were boarders as that day was a Saturday.

These are photos of the two high school students murdered below. They were young teenage boys…

PLATEAU-DEAD 5 PLATEAU-DEAD 6 PLATEAU-DEAD 7Students of Dalo Memorial School Foron in Birkin LadiLANGS BULUSLangs Bulus…a tireless advocate for the people of Plateau

On his own, Bulus tries his best to see what he can do to help those suffering in his state. He recently visited the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp at a primary school in Riyom LGA of Plateau state. These are victims of ongoing Fulani attacks in Riyom.

Bulus can be seen holding the hand of an unkempt child and sharing a laugh with some of the children who live in the camp.

PLATEAU-DEAD 8 PLATEAU-DEAD 9 PLATEAU-DEAD 10 The IDP camp in Riyom LGA of Plateau state. They are victims of ongoing fulani attacks in Riyom

Please citizens of the world, let’s not turn deaf ears to the people of Plateau. They need our voice and they our help. Until we put an end to this injustice, we must never stop speaking out.

Photos courtesy Langs Bulus on Twitter



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