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Funke Akindele Set To Take Linda Ikeji To Court…See Details

TOYIN-LINDA-FUNKEThis story is just too funny. I couldn’t help laughing after reading it. It sounds like something that usually goes down between secondary school girls. Let me share what Linda Ikeji wrote that got her into trouble with Funke Akindele.

On Sunday, January 25 2015, Linda wrote on her blog:

Something happened last night but I was too tired to write it …and then I woke up this morning and almost forgot about it. *sigh*. I may be reaching and Funke may not have been referring to Toyin but let me tell you what happened and you decide for yourself.

It’s not news that Toyin Aimakhu and Funke Akindele don’t see eye to eye. If you Google, you will find a few posts of reports of the two actresses beefing each other. In fact, sometime in 2013, Toyin tweeted at an ‘aunty Agbaya’ who was going around tarnishing her image. Toyin made reference to herself being married while the ‘Agbaya’ was single and jumping around. This was a few months after Funke Akindele’s marriage ended. (Read here). A lot of people felt Toyin was referring to Funke.FUNKE-NTORRWell, yesterday after news hit social media that Toyin Aimakhu’s marriage to Adeniyi Johnson had crashed, Funke went on instagram and posted what you see above and under it she wrote “Yes, You!” with two tongue out smiley.

Many of her followers immediately picked up on it and accused her of shading Toyin because her marriage had also failed. When fans criticized her for the post, Funke Akindele removed it but not before I screen-grabbed it. So that’s happened. You think it had to do with Toyin?”

After this story was published, there were reports that Funke called the popular blogger to tell her to take down the post and issue an apology. Akindele and her lawyers have since written to Ms. Ikeji, demanding that she retract the story.
Part of a statement issued by the management company of the actress said:
“While Linda went too far and assumed the role of a mind reader and a judge in her Sunday, January 25, 2015 post: “Did Funke Akindele Shade Toyin Aimakhu Last Night?”
Her post, did not only portray Akindele’s brand in bad light, it has promoted unhealthy rivalry where there is none.
On same day, 25 January, via email, Akindele and her lawyers wrote a letter to Linda demanding a retraction and apology within 24 hours or face action within the ambit of law.” 
See the Legal paper served to Linda Ikeji below…




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