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“Genuine Bilingualism Has Never Existed In Cameroon” – Nfon Mukete

nfon-mukete-676x436Nfon Mukete, a renowned politician from the West African country of Cameroon has stirred up a huge controversy with a recent statement he made about the English-speaking part of his country being sidelined and marginalised in politics and development.

In a post which has been deleted from the Internet as protests are beginning to heat up in the country, the 98-year-old Senator and tribal chief said genuine bilingualism has never existed in Cameroon.

Chief Mukete was quoted as saying,

“In honesty, genuine bilingualism has never existed in Cameroon. The Francophones have never respected bilingualism in practical terms.

What we have on ground is a charade, a Francophone fad and a masquerade- a fake! It is a sleazy stratagem, a shameless swindle, a freaky farce and a spineless political slogan engineered by the Francophones to get what they want from the Anglophones.

Now that they have our crude, timber, cocoa…; they shamelessly and with great avarice grab and reserve all the juicy appointments and positions for themselves. The Anglophones are perpetually subdued, victimized and traumatized as house slaves and nannies, carriers of water and cutters of wood in a land where Communal Liberalism is a national mantra.

No Anglophone has ever headed ministries like Finance, Territorial Administration, Defense, Foreign Affairs … No Anglophone has ever been the General Manager of S.N.H., SONARA, S.C.D.P., despite the existence of these state corporations more than 40 years ago. From the current political configuration, it is very likely that no Anglophone can become the President and Head of State in this country in the next 100 years. As a matter of urgency the Anglophones need to begin NOW to protest and insist that as stakeholders in our bigoted and discriminating Union, thy also must start getting and enjoying some of the goodies and special privileges illegally and unconstitutionally reserved only for the Francophones beginning from the next Cabinet reshuffle.nfon-mukete-589x435Francophones are using bilingualism as a carrot, a political ploy, a cultural vogue and a hype to hoodwink and placate the Anglophones. It is a well-planned smokescreen to distract the attention of the Anglophones from their predicaments and the negative realities of their marginalization; a strategic cover up to give them a false sense of belonging and to mollify their suppression so as to keep them loyal, subdued, subservient and gullible to their mischievous whims and sneaky machinations.

In Cameroon, our democracy is on trial. Our country is engulfed in the flames a diabolical precipice and senseless cultural cold war masterminded by French language zealots, lingual saboteurs and cultural terrorists. Our bilingualism is under attack and the English language, the inheritance, the pride, identity and legacy of the

Anglophones in the Union has been under siege and the target of elimination since 1961. The culture and language of every group of people is sacrosanct to them- so is English language to the Anglophones in Cameroon. This campaign of exclusion and war of attrition against the English language is a colossal and collective gang up spear headed by over ambitious Francophone elites: the ruling class, the academia, politicians, professionals, and the mainstream press including the religious leaders.

A repressive miasma of resentment, a paroxysm of discontent and dark clouds of subjugation and uncertainty still hang over the controversial, one-sided and unfair Union.”

Nfon Victor Essemosengo Mukete was born November 15 1918 in Kumba, Meme Division, Southwest Region. He is the Paramount Chief of the Bafaws and Board Chair of Cameroon Telecommunication Company, CAMTEL. He was called up to be the provisional head of the Senate bureau in his country.

The truth is when a man as old as Chief Mukete talks, this generation must listen. The truth can never be covered up no matter how hard one tries.nfon-mukete-660x330-2The saddest thing for me is, Mukete’s tribe of Kumba, is so similar to the cultures of my people. I feel they were wrongly cut off from Nigeria. His name, accent and clothing is similar to that of my people and we all descended from the Bantus. I feel like we lost our tribesmen to foreigners.

Watch Chief Nfon Mukete talk about his ancestry…

Source: AllAfrikanNetwork | iCameroon



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  1. The origin of the Cameroon Anglophone problems goes back to WW1 when Germany ceded its territories to the British and the French. And indeed, it is recorded in UN Security Council archives. One wonders why the UN has sat on these vexing issues for so long! I am a US citizen of “Anglophone extraction” and have set up a procedure to help the lawyers and teacher in their fight against tyranny and dictatorship.

    Recall that the current president, Paul Biya (pronounce Bee-ya), has been in power since 1982, one of Africa’s longest ruling tyrants and dictators.

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