Gideon Okeke Shades The Hell Out Of Tonto Dikeh’s Marriage…Here’s Why I Support Him

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TONTO-GIDEON-700x500Yesterday, soon after the news broke about the marriage introduction of Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh, fellow actor, Gideon Okeke took to Twitter and wrote:

“Ha! So Aunty last last marries “Mr X”. Not like it’s stops the rain from pouring tho…☕️”

Yes, he threw shade at Tonto alright because we all know the actress used to refer to her then mystery boyfriend as Mr. X, whom we now know to be Oladunni Churchill.

In as much as I told everyone earlier to take a chill pill on Tonto’s case and be happy for her instead of hating, I kind of agree with Gideon on this one and I’ll tell you why.

Gideon isn’t one of those controversial actors notorious for running his mouth without good reason. When he talks…he talks SENSE. And of course only the sensible ones will get him.

The cane that was used to beat the old wife is also waiting for the new wife. KARMA’s a bitch baby!! I remember when Tonto lashed out at Mercy Johnson-Okojie for no reason. Tonto tweeted back then that Nollywood actresses “married poorly” and God shouldn’t give her a husband who’d make her go back to work soon after having a baby.

Tonto tweeted:

Nollywood Bridez marry horribly** #SHEBA#…Wen n if I give birth, God plz provide mii wit a husband dat can provide 4uz, Not 1 dat wld send mii bck to actin 2monthz after I born 2Huzzle

MJ-STUNT 1Tonto’s outburst came, soon after Mercy Johnson tweeted this film location photo in October, 2013

Mrs. Johnson Okojie was the only actress, who at the time Tonto tweeted, just had a baby and was working on a major production. Yes, Tonto didn’t mention names. But she goofed to the highest level when Mercy’s fans came for her and she lashed back at them saying:

“I didn’t mention your FOOL Mercy Johnson!”

This was exactly how she wrote it:

Every1 who comes to ma tl to Rant Abt ur FOOL MJ is a bigger baztard Dan SHE is coz I never cald no Bitch’z Name**F*ck U**

Like that wasn’t hurtful enough, she takes a very direct shot at Mercy Johnson:

“Bitch Lozt her Name, U gonno Uze mii az A come back???Naaahhhhh go Nurze Ur Witch Bitch** #StayBlessed”

Tonto called Mercy’s infant daughter, a “witch.” Her utterances got so bad that fellow actor, Nonso Diobi had to caution her. Mercy’s marriage was shrouded in scandal because of the drama caused by her husband’s ex-wife. Just when that drama was dying down, the one colleague who should have got her back rekindled the fire again after an apparent igbo-smoking session.

Tonto also handled her beef with Yvonne Nelson very poorly…calling Yvonne’s vagina a “canal” because they were fighting over a man Iyanya Mbuk. I cannot for the life of me understand why some celebrities fight so dirty in public; exposing dirty linen to the entertainment of popcorn-eating ‘fans’ who don’t know any better.

Now, everyone has forgotten all that so soon and are coming for Gideon’s throat. My people Karma had to look for an opportunity to take its pound of flesh and it came in Gideon’s tweet. I think he was merely tweeting out a reminder of her attitude through sarcasm.TONTO-GIDEON-CV-660x330Like I said earlier, only the wise will get it. The foolish will be the ones saying, Gideon is a hater. There’s a THICK line between hating and being objective. Let’s never get it twisted.

I’m so happy Tonto is now married. Let her see the challenges married women face and realise that we all need to pray for each other and not fight or belittle each other. Opari! *dusts hands*

We all reap what we sow…God’s word not mine. Always look to the type of seed you sow people.

Leave Gideon alone. He’s one of the few left with a good head on his shoulders and the tongue of a fearless lion.

Having said that, my prayers for a blissful marriage are with Mr. and Mrs. Churchill. After being married myself for 17 years, I certainly know much better.


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  1. Ekaete says:

    Gbam! Couldn’t have been better said.

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    Apt analysis. I agree.

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