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GRAPHIC PHOTOS | Man Crushed To Death While Chasing Danfo Bus Who Brushed His Car

DANFO BUS-MANThis is one of the worst road rage stories I’ve ever heard and I just wanted to talk about it.

On Friday morning, September 2, a danfo bus brushed a man ‘s car at onigbongbo bus stop in Maryland. The man got out of his car, took off his shoes and ran after the danfo who was getting away after hitting his car.

He managed to seize the bus conductor, but the conductor pushed him away. Just then, another danfo bus coming in the other direction, knocked him down, hitting him on his head and that was the end.

A Facebook user, Ola Taiwo who shared the story, wrote:

“Look at the man lying down and his car beside him, he left everything. [Please learn]how to let go, [because] “bintin laye” he’s an MD in one of the nearby office[s].”

What a life! When I read this story, I was so sure this man was ‘manipulated’ from his village. And I’m usually not superstitious, but I had to reason like a typical African this time because the whole incident made no sense to me.

This man was so angry to the extent of taking off his shoes…for a mere brush to his car. Please, let’s learn to take life very easy. May his soul rest in peace.DANFO BUS-MAN-2 DANFO BUS-MAN-3 DANFO BUS-MAN-4



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