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Guy Makes New Year Confession Saying He & Linda Ikeji Were Paid to be Jonathan Agents/Propagandists


I’ve said many times on my blog that in this election year 2015, they’ll be many evil schemes and plots to bring people down and destroy their good names all in the name of politics.

This is the time for every Nigerian to pray for wisdom and intelligence to discern all the schemes of those who can sell their soul for a few thousands of dollars.

The truth is, no matter how hard the storm will rage, it is God’s will and His alone that will be done. Jehovah does not need any man to fight His battles for Him, lest any man should share in his glory. The fate of Nigeria is sealed in God’s hands and there is nothing any man can do to alter it.

I bring this news to you ONLY because it is my duty to report trending news. I do not believe in bringing a fellow blogger down. As I type this, na so neck don dey pain me for two days, because of sitting in one position to type and type. I’m very sure any hardworking blogger including Linda Ikeji, can tell you they all feel some body pains from this work, more often than not. And don’t get me started on kissing your social life goodbye.

So my warning to evil people is this, if you try to bring down the innocent and hardworking, God will bring you down a thousand times lower.


Having said this, a guy who goes by the name Musa Kabir on Twitter using the handle, @NGR_07started posting a series of tweets yesterday about being tired of working against his conscience. He claims he was paid to mobilise top players in the media industry to have a private meeting with James Ibori who is currently in prison in the UK.

How a man like Ibori is still believed to wield so much power even as he is incarcerated beats me. What they want Nigerians to believe is that an incarcerated man controls the presidency?

Scroll down to read Kabir’s tweets, where he makes his ‘confessions’ and implicates Ms. Ikeji. They are self-explanatory…

APC RATAccording to The Paradigm, this is what was written on the so called invitation to meet with former Delta State governor, James Ibori…

“Myself and my friends and the James Ibori national coalition are organizing a private meet-up with the former governor of Delta State, Mr. James Ibori in London. This is inline with other meetings including that with the president. He gets to have a break from the 8th to the 22nd of January 2014.

We know you are one of Nigeria’s most influential social media operators and we know how much of an influence you have been on the #ForwardNigeria project. We believe your presence at this meeting will afford us the opportunity to lay certain truths on the table and also work out a plan for Mr. Ibori with respect to the 2019 elections. Seven influencers have been penciled down for this meeting and a couple of them are on board already.

The meeting is scheduled for the 20th of January. If for anything you cannot make the UK meeting, there is another meeting tentatively scheduled for February 2014. If you have a couple of friends you think we should invite, kindly us their twitter handles and we will reach them directly.


If you are interested in attending, kindly help with the following information;

  • Your name as written on your passport
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Where will you be traveling from to the UK?
  • Please attach the data page of your passport to your response to this email
  • Do you require a visa? If yes, please send your phone number in your response, we will call you in order to so help fast track your UK visa


A honourarium of  A honourarium of  £2500 will be paid to you on arrival. Please indicate if you want it paid in cash or sent to your account directly. Kindly provide account number.

If interested, please reply this email by the evening of Tuesday 29th of December, 2014. You will get an official invite with more details tomorrow after an email from you with the required information.




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