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#HalleluyahChallenge Testimony | Primrose Obata Dodo Healed Of Throat Infirmity

primrose-xIrish blogger and philanthropist, Primrose Obata Dodo has been tuning in to the Halleluyah call to worship by Pastor Nathaniel Bassey…a praise revolution currently sweeping the world.

An excited Primrose took to her Facebook page this morning to share the following testimony…

Few days ago I was on the phone with my Pastor friend from Nigeria whom I called to agree with me in prayers. When we started the prayers, he was raising the prayer points. I was praying midway when he stopped the prayers and said “BIA PRIMMY E DI KWA SERIOUS?” I said ‘yes’. He said then pray with authority and command what you want and not beg or negotiate. So we started again and I prayed with so much authority and power.

For close to 2 years, I’ve had this problem in my throat. It’s as if someone tied a rope around my throat and it feels heavy. I’ve done everything but it refused to go so I just accepted it as the side effect of the treatment for my vocal cord. I always tell my kids that when ever I am called to minister, as I’m getting close to the church, the tightness increases so is the heaviness and immediately panic sets in. I prayed and begged God to help me because it is uncomfortable and makes me spit a lot.pastor nathanielI joined the HALLELUJAH CHALLENGE and never for one day missed it, telling myself I must testify. 2 days ago for for some reason I slept off but about 12:10 I felt somebody waking me up and saying, ‘Mum are you not joining Pastor Nathaniel tonight?’

I jumped up and started clapping and singing with all my energy so I don’t sleep off 😅😅😅 (she did it again yesterday). Toward the end, Pastor Nathaniel raised a prayer point and I started praying along but somehow deviated from the prayer point and started praying for my throat.

My people it’s not a small some thing ooo I prayed with so much authority! Now I wasn’t saying, ‘Father help me or heal me’, I was commanding whatever was in my throat to get out and never come back. Instantly…I repeat instantly…I felt something leave my throat. It’s been 2 days now, that tightness and heaviness is gone. My God of suddenly showed forth Halleluyah!!!!

Before the end of this challenge, I will have more testimony in Jesus name amen.OLOWOGBOGBOROLesson learnt from my pastor friend: When you pray, pray with authority. Be assertive. He has given you dominion and power and authority to command things. No need beating about the bush. Know what you want God to do. Be specific with your prayer points.

Never ever beg and negotiate with the situation. Remember Jesus never compromised with the fig tree, he confidently and authoritatively cursed it and by morning it was dead. Know your God, know the power you carry and your victory is sure.



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