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HAPPY FATHER’S DAY | What Would The World Be Without A Dad?

HAPPY FATHERS DAY-800x800It’s Father’s Day…yay! A day set aside to celebrate all hardworking and loving dads around the world.

Fathers are just special, and for me I feel very privileged to have been raised by my dad because he is so hands on…like he received special training for it.

I have so many wonderful memories of the times I’ve shared with my dad. Memories of birthdays, long journeys we took together…just me and him. The conversation I had alone with him the night before my wedding, him walking me down the aisle on my wedding day and him fussing over my first pregnancy.

My father, Sunday Udo and I in July 1974 | Peace Ben Williams/Facebook


The times he stood by me all through my terrible mistakes and the role he played one time I was very ill. We’ve been through a lot together, my Dad and I.

Being my father’s daughter, has equipped me with the strength to be a better person in this evil world. I could never have wished for a better Dad. He is my father and my friend.

I remember when I used to have a terrible challenge of controlling my temper, my dad would say:

“Ubong, you’ve never made the best decisions when you’re angry.”

Anytime, I want to go ballistic, his words would ring in my ears and I’ll calm down. When I’m calm, I begin to see how irrelevant the stuff that made me angry. My dad is one of the wisest counselors I know.FATHERS DAY POEM-600x600Even as a grandfather, he still comes through checking on his grandkids, how they are doing at school and how they are behaving at home.

Let nobody kid you. The role of a father is as important as a mother in raising a child. The reason we’re experiencing a massive increase in dysfunctional families and delinquents is that men have abandoned their roles as head of the family. A mother can only do so much to nurture and raise the children. But God placed man as HEAD for a reason.

Here’s a shoutout to all the father-kings who did not abandon their throne and their responsible. God has rewarded you with mighty excellent children. Your quiver is indeed full of arrows. And you ‘arrows’ will certainly shoot far like a star.

My father, Sunday Udo and I in December 2013 | Peace Ben Williams/Facebook


And to my father, I say thank you daddy for raising a star. You deserve to be honoured today and everyday.

God bless and continue to keep you.

I love you Dad, always and forever.SUNDAY UDO-536x800FATHERS DAY POEM-800x664




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