Happy New Month! A November To Awaken


HAPPYNEW MONTHFor centuries, humans have been longing for the gift of ultimate wisdom.

The first thing you need to ascertain is what are your motives for seeking ultimate wisdom? Is it ego-based, self-centered or selfless? Do you want to be admired for your wisdom or is your quest for wisdom to make you a better person and ultimately to serve mankind?

It is good to search for ultimate wisdom, but the search must be from the right source. Children of God are admonished not to lean on their own wisdom, but to ask our heavenly Father for guidance when we feel lost. Accepting that we are nothing without God is the first step to our being awakened.

Most people hunger for wisdom because they wanted something they thought they didn’t have and that by having it they would be complete. By realizing you’re already complete and need nothing more, wisdom starts to show up.

There’s so much unique wisdom inside each of us and unless we drop that belief that wisdom lies outside of us, we will never get it.

Ultimate wisdom is knowing that you don’t know. The God I know is expressing through me whenever I lose myself in the moment and just trust that whatever comes out is okay.

Stay awakened in November.


Peace Ben Williams


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