Happy New Month! October…The Month Of “Still Waters”



“Still waters” are waters that flow very slowly and calmly; they bring much peace and rest to one’s spirit. One of the most relaxing things in life is the sound of a bubbling brook or flowing stream of water… it is something that brings you to a place of calm, where you can focus without any distractions.

In Hebrew, the words for ‘still waters’ in Psalm 23:2b are “Mai Menochot”, meaning literally, “restful waters”.  Our Shepherd wants to lead us to a place of rest, a place of trust, a place of confidence, a place where you rely on Him and focus on Him without anything that will distract you.  He wants to take the “heavy load” from your life and replace it with His everlasting peace and rest.

Another important thing to note in this verse is the fact we need water.  Our Good Shepherd leads us to the place of rest, but before that, He leads us to a place where we can quench our thirst. Without water, one cannot survive for very long; water is a necessity for life and without it, we would die.OCTOBER-CVYeshua spoke to us about a different kind of water – the kind of water that, if we drink from it, we will never thirst again. This is not water in the literal sense, the kind from which we drink and will inevitably be thirsty again. The kind of water that He spoke of is everlasting water, the Living Water that will satisfy, comfort, and nourish our souls forever.

If you have never tasted from this water before, I want to encourage you to ask Yeshua to give it to you; you will never know until you taste it.

Stay close to Yeshua in the month of October. The Number 10 is the symbol of matter in harmony. The biblical meaning of number 10 is completed course of time or completeness in divine order.

You will come to a place of complete harmony in this month of October.

So it’s goodbye, September and hello October!


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