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Happy New Year to my Darling Readers…My Wish For You in 2015

2015-2Hello Pweebers…yay!! We made it to 2015!!!

Congratulations to us. So how did 2014 go? Were you able to meet all of your goals? For me 2014 was a very bumpy but enjoyable ride. It was the year I learnt one very important fact of life: if you do not look very carefully you might just miss the very answer to your prayers. It wouldn’t be that God never granted you your wish or answered your prayer, it would be that you had imagined it would be gift-wrapped in a certain package. And when it arrived, you missed it.

It isn’t a co-incidence that Christmas comes exactly a week before the new year. But we are to engrossed in shopping, sending gifts, receiving gifts, planning a trip and cooking that we miss the very essence of what we were meant to learn from the Christmas story. Let me highlight a few of them.

  • Joseph was expecting a virgin wife, just like every man in his time. Instead his bride was ‘knocked up’ before he could sleep with her. If he had reacted like the men in his time, Mary would have been killed and we on Earth would have been lost without a Saviour.
  • The Jews eagerly awaited a Messiah to deliver them from oppression; especially the colonization of the Romans. They expected this Messiah to come in a royal PACKAGE…from a royal family…a valiant warrior with influence enough to deliver them. But he was born into the family of a poor carpenter.
  • He wasn’t born in a posh hospital like Los Angeles’ Cedars Sinai…the celeb hospital of choice. He was born in a manger…a place where animals are kept…too lowly even for a king.
  • When his Ministry took off, one would expect that he’ll choose bishops, pharisees, doctors of the law and leaders in every school of thought. But he picked mostly illiterate fishermen, a zealot…(someone you’d call an agbero or tout in our time), a corrupt accountant and a Thomas…a man who didn’t believe in him.

If you were given the power to write the Christmas story, would you have ever conceived such a plot or twist? I wouldn’t…such a plot for the son of God?…the King of kings and the Lord of lords?

Do you now understand why each year, after you take stock, it seems you never met your goals or your prayers weren’t answered? It’s because the plot and twist was something far different from what you expected.

I just have to give it to Baba God. He is a master suspense writer. He can intrigue, shock and end the movie of your life in pleasant ways you cannot expect. I’ve read so many new years wishes. So many people have wished their loved ones more wealth, luck, good health, prosperity and love in 2015.

But I’ve received the unction to give you one mega wish that I’ve received the assurance will come to pass. And this is it:

“May you receive the wisdom to RECOGNISE your 2015 blessing in the package which God wrapped it and give you the power to RECEIVE it.”

Trust me, just that one wish is sufficient for you. If your earthly father will not give you stone in place of bread, how much more Jehovah? His package is always better than your wish. His answer is always better than your request because He created you and knows your purpose and your end. So it is only certain that He knows what’s best for you.

I have a strong feeling that 2015 is my year. And I pray same for all who ride with me. Welcome to success.


Yours Truly,

Peace Ben Williams




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Peace is a wife and mother who reports and analyses global trends from the perspective of a Deeva; in the hope of invoking a thought process that will lead to a positive change.

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