Has Kim Kardashian Gotten Her Pre-Pregnancy Body Back? [READ MY ANALYSIS+SEE PHOTOS & VIDEO]


KIM 1XBefore I say what I have to say, I’d like to make one thing clear, first. I’ve gone through the rigorous yet rewarding journey of pregnancy five times…and yes, you heard right. So if I’m not permitted to say I’m an authority on this topic, I wonder who is.

I DO NOT subscribe to any woman being put under unnecessary pressure to get her pre-pregnancy body back. Every single month of pregnancy comes with it’s own unique experience. The experience continues even after birth when you suddenly realise you’re responsible for the life of a tiny human. Whatever that child grows up to become…whether good or bad…is  entirely up to YOU; the mom. So that in itself is what a new mom should be focusing on.

For a Prima Gravida (first-time pregnant mom) like Kim Kardashian, that should have been her focus but of course we all know she can’t afford to do that because HER BODY IS HER BRAND. Apart from that I’ve also come to realise that Kim is such a people pleaser. You could easily predict her actions because what she does next is always determined by what the media is saying about her.

Take the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, for example. She presented her baby to the public flaunting  part of her baby bump which was yet to disappear. She flaunted it proudly. When the media saw she couldn’t care less, they let her be and she lost the pregnancy weight without much pressure from the public.

But then again, Kim and Kate have different body types. Kate’s body type bounces back faster than Kim’s voluptuous body type. Like I said, I’m an authority on this so let me explain. Kate baby bump came out really long on her slim frame. Such bumps tuck in wayyy faster.

Kim’s bump on the other hand, ‘scatters’ around her waistline making one unable to quite guess if the pregnant lady is pregnant or just adding weight. Such bumps gives more stress, bouncing back to normal. So Kim naturally would need more workout and a strict diet regimen.

The point is Kim is bowing to unnecessary pressure; whether her body is the money maker or not. Why should she care about what the media says? And this Givenchy creative director, Riccardo Tisci…(gosh I hate this guy, now!) This guy must clearly hate Kimmie. He was the one who styled her in that horrible flowery number for the MET gala and now he dresses her in this all too revealing black cut-out flowing dress.

It’s like Kim wanted a dress which said: “Hey guys, I’m back with a revenge! Whatdya think?” Well, Kim I think you should fire Riccardo sharpily. Don’t let him come near you again. I’m even beginning to believe the rumours about Riccardo and Kanye West having a gay affair…but with a twist.

I’m thinking…hmmm…maybe Riccardo was coming on to Kanye, and Kanye’s not giving him any green light because…come on, what guy would look at another guy when he has a girl as hot as Kim? So Riccardo plots to destroy Kim. That must be it. Or else, why would he always style her so horribly?

Kim lookes good in the dress, but too much boobs…just too much that it crossed the line for a Givenchy design and went downright to gutter tacky.

And Kim stop trying to over-impress. You owe nobody nothing. Do what you have to do for YOU. And oh, that blonde weave is so tacky as well. Go back to your brunette hair, already.

So pweebers, scroll down to see photos from Kim’s outing at Paris Fashion Week (PFW) AND watch the video where TMZ analyses Kim’s body…if it’s bounced back to how it was or not and oh, don’t forget to drop your thoughts.


Kim in workout gear in Paris

Curvy girl: Despite already having lost the majority of her baby weight, Kim has still got her famous curves


Kim enjoying a romantic night out with boyfriend, Kanye West


Kim out in Paris


Kim wore Riccardo Tisci’s design to Mademoiselle C premiere in Paris

Independent woman: The 32-year-old's boyfriend Kanye West was no where to be seen, as she left the hotel alone


Kim and Riccardo Tisci


The disastrous dress Kim wore to the MET Gala, designed by Givenchy Creative Director; Riccado Tisci

Watch TMZ’s Video about Kim…


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