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#HeardOnTwitter | The Most Epic Drag In Twitter History [MUST READ]

TROUBLE-RAY-BFI wonder why some people fail woefully at minding their business? This Twitter drama took place on Tuesday.

A Twitter user @selkclub was out having lunch in a restaurant. Her table was beside a young couple (pictured above) eating at another table. The guy seemed too busy looking at something on his phone, and presumably ignoring his girl.

Selkcub took a photo of this couple and shared it on Twitter with the caption, “Homegirl………Leave him.”

The next day, the anonymous homegirl she was tweeting at returned the favour with an epic clapback that left @Selkcub in shock.

The girl in the photo, @WatchMe_Smile clapped back by sharing a loved up photo of herself with her boyfriend; letting @Selkcub know they’ve been dating for 3 years. She also threw shade back at her, saying they’ll both pray for her to also find a godly man soon. Lol.

By now I was expecting Selkcub to be apologetic, but no…she immediately tweeted a photo of herself with her own boyfriend and told WatchMe_Smile that she has been dating her man for three years too.

To further drag the Selkcub who interfered, WatchMe_Smile shared the video her boyfriend, Jonathan was watching. It was a video of her boyfriend’s first sermon in church.
See their tweets below…

TROUBLE-1 TROUBLE-2How did @WatchMe_Smile find out about her photo being shared by some random chick on Twitter? Good question. A friend of hers retweeted it on her timeline and mentioned her. That’s how she saw it.

Then @WatchMe_Smile shared a video of her boyfriend’s sermon…

Check out some interesting comments from other Twitter users…

TROUBLE-3Now, this right here might be the reason Selkcub decided to act like a creep and take a random photo of an unknown couple. So this lady right here who has been looking for a good church to attend in Symra might watch this clip of Jonathan’s sermon…TROUBLE-SELKCUB-2In the end, a soul was won for the Lord through this drama. A daughter of God found herself a church.



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