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Heartbreaking Story! Mother In-Law Accidentally Kills Grandchild During Omugwo

depressed womanA Nigerian mother shared the heart-stopping story of how her stubborn mother in-law killed her baby…

“I’m grieving bitterly right now. I gave birth to my son some months ago.. My mom is late so my husband’s mom came around to help me. Although she is very nice and we get along only that sometimes she can be quite stubborn with her opinions.

We have been quarrelling since I had my baby.. Because she tried to impose something’s I’m not comfortable with. Few weeks after birth.. We went to the hospital for vaccines.. They told us not to bath him that night. So we went home. He was cranky.. Crying and I couldn’t help myself from crying long with him. My MIL started preparing bathing water.. I quickly said mummy no o. He can’t bath tonight.. The nurses said so.. She laughed and said I should stop acting as if she didn’t train all her 7 children. I didn’t respond I took the baby inside and continued to pet him.

My husband came in from work and collected him even without changing his work clothes.. He started singing funny songs to him and he was getting calmer. I stepped into the kitchen to serve his dinner only for me to hear scream from baby.. I ran out.. Hubby was sitting and taking off his shoes. I said where is baby? He said mummy took him.. She said if she gives him a bath his body would be calm and he would stop crying.

I ran to the bathroom and saw her bathing him.. Ahhh Mom! But I told you his nurse advised we don’t bath him only for tonight.. She didn’t answer..she kept pressing his body with very hot water and massaging him. Including the injection spot and my little baby was winning in pain. I was tempted to snatch him away but I held my self together.. She finally finished bathing him then she started throwing him up.. Quite high.. I said that’s enough mom.. But she continued repeatedly. unfortunately as she was about to catch him he slipped and fell hard to the tiled floor. My heart froze..i rushed to pick him but he wasn’t moving..

I started crying and panicking. Hubby rushed in too. Mama started crying. We rushed to the hospital. I was begging God and crying on the way to have mercy on me and my child but they said he was no longer breathing.. Just like that????? They did all sorts to recuperate him but he didn’t move.. They pronounced him dead. I cried my heart out. A child I suffered to birth just went like that!!!sad womanThis message is not meant to cast a stone at mama.. I know she didn’t intend for that to happen. My message to moms especially new moms is trust your motherly instincts.. Whatever you are not okay with concerning your child, don’t allow it.. Anyone that tries to make you feel like you don’t know enough about being a mother.. Stay away from them.. If you can get pregnant and nurse a child for nine months..

There’s nothing you can’t do for that child as a mother. Avoid throwing fragile little babies up.. It’s medically not ideal as their brain is to tender and can trigger shock.. (elderly women believe babies should be thrown to avoid fear but it’s just a myth) don’t endanger your child to satisfy any one.

I’m still grieving especially as I witnessed the death with my eyes. May we no experience any evil loss.”



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