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#Hijab Controversy | Nigerians Post Throwback Photos Of Halima Buhari Called To Bar Without Wearing A Hijab

HALIMA BUHARI-CALL TO BAR-1Last year, July 14, 2016…Halima Buhari, the daughter of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari was called to bar without wearing her hijab.

Nigerians shared shared throwback photos of Halima and argued that a member of the first family could obey the constitution, they see no reason why an ordinary citizen like Firdaus Amasa, a law graduate of the University of Ilorin should not obey the law she is trained to uphold.HIJAB-FIRDAUSA Facebook user,  Inibehe Effiong wrote:

This was the daughter of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. She is a member of the first family. Her father as we all know is a devout Muslim who at one point advocated the application of Sharia throughout the country.

Look at how she dressed during her Call to Bar not long ago. She complied strictly with the code of dressing prescribed by the Rules and the Body of Benchers.

She is also a Muslim.HALIMA BUHARI-CALL TO BAR-3You cannot quote the Quran to justify the violation of secular laws of a secular institution in a secular country. The Quran, The Bible, Seven Book of Moses and other holy books should never be used to justify lawlessness or invalidate national laws.

The Legal Profession in Nigerian is not governed by any religious book. I guess this may not be the case in Saudi Arabia and Israel. But when you choose to be a Nigerian lawyer, you must abide by the Rules here.


By Inibehe Effiong
15 December, 2017




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