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HIV-Positive Student Allegedly Distributes Virus To More Than 30 Unknowing Partners & Films Secret Sex Tapes [WATCH VIDEO]

Michael Johnson, a former student of Lindenwood University, Missouri  has been accused of sleeping with over 30 different partners without telling them that he was HIV-positive. He also made secret sex tapes of his sexcapades with them.

 Johnson was arrested October 10, 2013 after a man told police he was diagnosed with HIV and gonorrhoea about a month after having sex with Johnson in his dorm room. But the sex tapes…more than two dozen in number…were discovered this month.

Johnson who’s also known as ‘TigerMandingo’ on social media was a state wrestling champion in high school, which made him a hot catch for the babes.

The case of him intentionally infecting people is currently in court and Law enforcement are now trying to identify the students in the videos using the sex videos found on his laptop for their investigations.

After finding the tapes on a laptop, prosecutors now believe the partners were clueless the 22-year-old was HIV positive or that they were being taped.  St. Charles County prosecutor Tim Lohmar:

“On that laptop were 32 videos engaged in sexual acts with Mr. Johnson.”

Court records show Johnson failed to wear a condom and didn’t tell his partners he is HIV positive. When two asked if he had any diseases, he said no.

According to the Riverfront TimesPolice believe Johnson may have met his partners on one of his six social media accounts: three Facebook pages, two Twitter feeds, a Vine account, and an Instagram account.

Watch the video…

Source: Buzzfeed



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