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Hollywood Actor Secretly Living With HIV Revealed As Charlie Sheen

CHARLIE SHEEN-600x450Early this month, Hollywood was rocked by reports that a playboy actor is HIV positive and may have infected a string of glamorous women.

The Hollywood megastar secretly battling HIV, has now been named as Charlie Sheen. The actor confirmed the rumours in an interview with Matt Lauer on NBC’s Today Tuesday morning show.

The National Enquirer was first to report that Sheen is HIV positive, a story they have worked on for 18 months,, and two hours after they released their story People confirmed the news with crisis manager Howard Bragman.Shocking claims: The National Enquirer is reporting that Sheen is HIV positiveTMZ reports that Sheen has known for a little over two years about his diagnosis and that thanks to the cocktail of drugs he has been taking the virus is now ‘undetectable’ in his system.

Access Hollywood also reports that Sheen’s ex-wife, Denise Richards, has known Sheen had the disease for a “number of years.”

Despite his HIV positive status, Sheen is said to be still paying male and female porn stars $25,000 to $30,000 a night each to hang out with him at his home, a source claimed.

Sheen who had been aware of his status for at least two years, had become a recluse in his own home – smoking crack cocaine and watching his old movies over and over to deal with the devastating diagnosis.Among those worried they may have been passed the virus are an award- winning actress, a stunning movie star, a glamour model and a TV show favourite.

A ‘celebrity with a chequered history’ and a celebrated media personality are also said to fear they are victims.




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