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Horror In Kaboro Village, Zamfara as Gunmen Kill and Burn Village Head Plus16 Others

Barely 48 hours after a suicide bomber attacked a church in Kaduna, killing over 7 people and injuring several others, unknown gunmen have attacked Kaboro village in Zamfara State, early Tuesday morning. The hoodlums killed their victims – a village head and 16 others – and then burnt their corpses.

The gunmen had stormed the village in an area believed to be prone to crime – Dansadau in Maru local government area of Zamfara State. They carried guns and other dangerous weapons and opened fire from different directions, calling on residents of the area to remain indoors but ensure that their money and other valuables were kept within reach.

The village head, identified as Alhaji Maiyara, pleaded with the gunmen not to kill anybody but they continued with their onslaught.

A survivor, who identified himself as Sani Abdullahi, said the village head was killed instantly when they felt that he was becoming a nuisance to them with his endless begging.

“He was warned to keep off but he did not heed it. They fired shots from different places and they killed whoever dared to escape, and that was how they cut short many innocent lives,” he said.

According to Haruna Kabir, another survivor, when he heard gunshots from a far distance, he sensed that calamity was about to befall the community. He said he immediately took his wife and three of his children and escaped into a bush.

Another source said that the attackers struck probably because they learnt that the villagers had realised a lot of money from the sales of livestock and farm produce during the Eid-el-Kabir celebration.

Another source who pleaded anonymity said the gunmen killed the village head and 16 others and equally burnt their bodies, but did not ask for a penny from their victims.

When the commissioner for information in the state, Malam Ibrahim Mohammed, was contacted to speak on behalf of the government, he was still in shock and could not speak audibly. Instead he was crying.

Dogon Dawa village in Birin Gwari local government area of Kaduna State was attacked in a similar way over  two weeks ago, resulting in the death of over 24 villagers.





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  1. From de tells of woe coming out from all over Nigeria,it looks dat Nigeria has no functional govrnment anymore. Poor Nigerian masses are left to be slaughtered like rams & christmas fowls at any time anywhere. Those who are suposed to rule us spend their whole energy looting our oil money while bandits have a field day killing,maimining & stealing. How can u blame them when everything stealable have been stolen by our masters. De current killiing and small stealing is only a voilent strugle for crumbs from de masters dinning tables

  2. & up till now the federal govt (not the state because they are apparently overwhelmed) have not done anything thus far ?
    Its really sad & I’ve maintained that Nigeria as a country does not regard human lives. This news is so sad.. Untill a senator or a govt rep is killed ,then Nigerian authorities will wake up from their slumber.

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