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Housemaid Invites Boyfriend To Rob Boss, Feigns Kidnap

HSEGALThe police in Lagos State have arrested a 27-year-old housemaid, Mariam Acheme, and four others for allegedly robbing the housemaid’s boss.

According to police authorities, the housemaid, invited her boyfriend, Dansu Akokran, and another person at large on November 26, 2012, to rob her boss and also stage her own kidnap.

Her boyfriend and others, arrived her boss’ house when the madam had gone out. They ransacked the entire house, vandalised the doors and stole all the valuables. The housemaid then padlocked the gate from outside and fled with them.

When the madam returned, she discovered that all her valuables were gone and Acheme was nowhere to be found. The victim immediately reported the matter to the Bode Thomas Police Division.

A few days later, someone contacted the housemaid’s boss and informed her that Acheme had been kidnapped. They demanded a ransom of N5million. The housemaid spoke to her madam on the phone, crying and telling her that she was being tortured by the kidnappers and urged her boss to pay the ransom immediately.

So the woman returned to the police and informed them of the development. Detectives at the station were able to establish contact with the kidnappers and urged them to collect N1m. The kidnappers then sent a bank account number which the money should be paid into.

It was learnt that the account number belonged to one Prosper Tatou, a bricklayer. Through the bank account number, policemen traced the owner to Agbara area of Ogun State and accosted him.

A close police source, who craved anonymity, said Tatou led the police to to a deserted building where his brother lives. At the house, the police were able to arrest those who masterminded the purported kidnap.

Tatou said he knew nothing about any kidnap but told us that a few days earlier, his brother, Jean Mari, had asked him to send his bank account number because he needed to receive some money from someone.

Detectives were however shocked when they saw the housemaid in the compound. “That was when it was discovered that she connived with her boyfriend to commit the crime,” the police source said.

Acheme however denied conniving with the kidnappers. She said she had invited her boyfriend over for a visit but had no clue of his intentions.

When asked why she did not escape from the purported kidnappers’ den when she had the chance, she said, “I could not escape because I did not know the terrain.”

She added, “My boss was very nice to me. She paid me N12, 000 a month and I had worked with her for seven months and she never maltreated me.

“She has two grown-up children and they even give me tip when I do their laundry. I could not have repaid their kindness with wickedness.”

Dansu also claimed to be innocent, saying it was his friend, Femi, who is now at large, that planned the whole thing.

The PPRO seized the opportunity to warn employers of domestic servants to be wary of the people they hire, noting that cases of crimes being committed by domestic servants seem to be on the rise.

The PPRO noted that the suspects were all nationals of Benin Republic and said it was necessary for employers to register their domestic servants at the nearest police stations.

Source: PUNCH



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  1. Mixed feelings. Sad at what hapened but happy that the police got a break in the case & closed it.

  2. foolish criminals, i wonder what they were thinking giving an account number and name for ransome to be paid. serves them right for their stupidity

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