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How Comedian ‘Elenu’ Proposed to His Girlfriend

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Ace Nigerian comedian, Akinlami Babatunde Julius, popularly known as Elenu has proposed to his girlfriend of three years, Chinwe Anyanwu.

Elendu took Chinwe on a romantic dinner date at Federal Palace Hotel on Sunday, October 21. When the waiter brought her plate to the table, It was a ring served in it, with the question “Will You Marry Me?” scribbled on the plate with what probably look like icing or ketchup.

Friends like comedian AY and his wife, Tinsel actor Gbenro Ajibade, comedian MC Shakara, designer Yomi Casual and music video director, Patrick Ellis were all there to share in the joy of the couple’s special day. Now, that proposal was so romantic…awwwww!!! Click for Full Image SizeClick for Full Image SizeClick for Full Image SizeClick for Full Image SizeClick for Full Image Size



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  1. That aint romantic. You take the girl to a joint where roasted plantain & fried fish are being sold. You byu some & while the pepper seems to be choking her,you give “pure water” with the ring in it.
    Now that’s romantic. What do you say? I bet you love my style.

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