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How Rude Girl Who Fought Elderly Okada Rider Turned His Luck Around

okada-objA Facebook user narrated an incident he witnessed…

“I was at a car wash this evening when a girl alighted from a motor bike (okada).

You would guess she’s in her mid 20’s while the okada man was obviously a papa — maybe in his 60’s or 70’s.

Moments after she alighted, she started shouting at the old man, “oga complete my change or you no go komot here.”

The old man was calm and tried explaining to her in a subtle manner that he charged an extra N50 because she wasted time at the ATM.

The girl, at this time became visibly enraged and hooked the old man down from his bike.

People nearby became interested. So was I, so I walked closer to the scene just to understand why this girl was insulting and embarrassing someone old enough to be her grandpa.

As the scene escalated, the old man returned the N50 balance to the girl and just as he was about driving away, a wealthy looking man who was also washing his car at the same car wash stopped the old man and gave him N5,000 out of pity.

Out of excitement, the old man started thanking the giver as he explained that the N5,000 would go a long way in helping to pay his daughter’s hospital bill which was why he fixed his old bike so he could raise some money.

At this moment, I felt goosebumps all over me.

This wealthy man asked the old man how much was the total hospital bill, “N120,000″, he replied.

He explained that the hospital bill was for his newly widowed daughter who gave birth through CS. The wealthy man went to his car, brought N120,000 and gave to the man.

Ever since I got home, I’ve been thinking deeply about the whole scenario. Today, I was touched deeply!”



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