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How Warri Armed Robbers Killed Gen. Dominic Oneya’s Daughter [WARNING!!! GRAPHIC PHOTOS]

These are the kind of stories you hear and your heart bleeds. The pretty lady you see in this photo is no more. Her name is Frances Oneya. She is the daughter of former NFA boss, Brigadier General Dominic Oneya (Rtd.).

On Friday morning, between 10:45am to 11am, Frances was returning from Zenith Bank along PTI Road in Effurun, when she was accosted by daredevil armed robbers.

The robbers had trailed her all the way from PTI Road. Reports say that Frances soon noticed she was being chased, she tried to escape. Unfortunately, they blocked her at Ovie Palace Road when her car swerved into a gutter, according to eye witness reports. The robbers shot her twice in the neck and she died on the spot.

The robbers made away with her bag but they didn’t see the N200,000 cash which Frances withdrew from the bank,  because she had hidden it under her car seat. By the time police arrived the crime scene, the robbers had gotten away.

Her father heard the sad new while he was attending the burial of late Gen. Patrick Aziza‘s burial in Sapele, and had to rush back to town. According to reports, it was her father who sent her to the bank. I heard Mr. Oneya was inconsolable.

Her Facebook friends have been inconsolable ever since as tributes keep pouring in. Such a beautiful woman wasted for nothing. May her soul rest in peace.


Photo Credit: Frances Oneya on Facebook




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