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I Caught My 14-year-Old Sister Having Sex In Our House!! What Should I Do?

It happened that I was in my car with my boyfriend and the party we were supposed to attend was canceled. I had already told my 14-year-old sister I wasn’t going to visit till about 11pm and my roommate was at the house and I thought I might want to visit earlier.

As a result of the cancellation, we got our stuff and headed to my moms house. As I pulled up to my mom’s driveway her window light was on and there was a random bike in the front so I thought she had a new bike. I decided to sneak on my sister with my boyfriend through the window.

So we climbed up the roof and we’re about to open the windows (her lock is broken) and when we opened it she wasn’t there. So we came down and entered the house. I decided to check the other rooms.

I opened the door, lo and behold, my sister was watching porn and getting her private parts s*cked by an unknown boy.

My boyfriend and I freaked out because we couldn’t believe our eyes. I just don’t know what to do for a girl that is just 14. I feel disgusted.

Should I tell my mom?



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