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“I Had No Idea I Was Going To Act An Abortion Scene In Scandal” – Says  Kerry Washington

Bold and beautiful: Kerry Washington looks amazing in a photoshoot for Adweek as she talks about the end of ScandalKerry Washington has revealed she is still kept in the dark by producer Shonda Rhimes when it comes to the big plot twists in her hit show Scandal.

In a new interview for the April issue of Adweek, the 39-year-old star said that some of the shockers like last year’s kidnapping storyline and Kerry’s character Olivia getting an abortion earlier this season, took her by surprise.

The star explained:

‘I had no idea that the abortion scene was coming until I turned the page at the table read and read it out loud with everybody else,

‘There are occasional moments when she’ll give me a hint about something that’s coming, but it’s very, very rare.’

But the mother-of-one said she is fine with letting Rhimes take the reins and has never had an interest in becoming a show producer.

‘I show up and try to bring it to life,’ she explained.

Back in November writer and producer Rhimes revealed she knows exactly how she wants Scandal to end and how it will play out.

Check out more photos from Kerry’s Adweek photoshoot for their April cover…'There are occasional moments when she'll give me a hint' The 39-year-old actress revealed to the publication that Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes keeps her in the dark about many of the plot-twistsVibrant: The New York born beauty stuns in a cover shoot wearing a colourful gown amid swathes of patterned fabrics




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