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“I Married My Baby Sister” – Ortis Wiliki Reveals

ORITS WILIKINigerian Reggae singer, Orits Wiliki has just made a shocking revelation that has got everyone’s eyebrows raised and talking!

The Warri-born singer who will be marking 30 years in the music industry on Sunday December 28, sat down recently to an interview with PUNCH. When asked to the secret behind the success to his 20-year marriage to popular actress and singer Becky, he told the paper:

“I married my kid sister – my mother’s last born. We are as close siblings can be. That is why we have stayed together for this long.”

He further revealed that he was originally from Ethiopia not Nigeria, saying:

“I am actually from Ethiopia. That is where my grandfather comes from. I don’t know why people can’t believe me. I am a full-fledged Nigerian, no doubt. I was born and raised here, but my ancestral roots remain in Ethiopia.

I come from Adowa, a province in the Northern part of Ethiopia. My family naturalised as Nigerians in Warri. My father is Itsekiri, while my mother is partly Edo and Ondo.

That is why I tell people that I have a complex origin. My real name is Rassam Wiliki. It was my grandfather’s name, too.”

On his foray into music, he said:

“At the age of eight, I was already an active member of the church choir. Before my father died at the age of 49, he had reached out to many people through evangelism.

I wanted to do the same thing. So I made up my mind that I was going to reach out to people through music. I decided I would become a gospel musician.

That is why everything I have done is inspired by the Holy Bible.” 

I just hope the singer was misquoted by the paper about marrying his baby sister. That sounds just gross.



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