I Think Precious Jones Owes Beverly Osu A Heartfelt Apology


PRECIOUS JONES-BEV-700X500It’s no longer news that Precious Jones, the wife of Nigerian rapper 2Shotz has finally admitted that her husband beats her. He even slapped his infant daughter by mistake in a hot slap that was originally intended for his wife.

When the news broke I immediately recalled that former Big Brother Africa housemate, Beverly Osu had revealed in a 2013 interview that the rapper used to put his hand on her while they were dating.

But Precious took to social media to defend her husband and call Beverly out in the most distasteful manner, even for a lady.

Back in 2013, Precious tweeted about Beverly…

“The thirst for fame is real in dese streets!! Deng the only thing he beat was ur wideass pumpum…y u mad? gurrrrrrlllll bye!”

“Nothing is hidden under the sun…the truth will eventually unfold!”

“To whom a brain is given…sense is required! A lot of you ou[t] dere lack common sense…u lot believe anything! Dumbfucks.”

“r u guys still on this beverly tip? FOH”

“My husband DOES NOT have a violent bone in his body…he is the sweetest man on planet earth!”

“Lol pple will do anything for fame…kmt!”

PRECIOUS JONES-BEV-TWTSBut in a lengthy interview with celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji yesterday, Jones further confirmed 2Shotz wife-beating rumours to be true but offhandedly dismissed what she said back then about Bev.

Here’s an excerpt from Linda’s interview with Precious…

LIB: If you recall, in 2013, you defended your husband when one of his exes BBA rep Beverly Osu accused him of abuse? How did you feel when all this unfolded?

Precious: (Laughs) So this probably wasn’t the response that I’ll have given two years ago so I really don’t have anything to say to that. I don’t have anything to say about that. This is like not my business. It’s not an issue I want to go into. I really don’t know anything about that.

The nerve of the woman! Do I smell pride? Remember when Amber Rose had that fight with Khloe Kardashian over Kylie Jenner‘s relationship with Tyga? She later apologised and took her words back…even after Kanye West made that nasty 30 showers remark about her. That’s why I respect Amber.

Ironically, Karma paid Precious Jones back big time. My only regret is the innocent child that was caught in the middle of the beating. Unfortunately, children sometimes share in the punishment of foolish parents.PRECIOUS JONES-BEV-CVI’ve never subscribed to any woman ridiculing another woman’s vagina in public. Not only did Jones say Beverly had a “wide pumpum”, she also insulted us the public who reached out to Beverly.

Now read Jones tweets again. She sure knows how to prophesy…I give her that. Everything she said there has happened. The truth has finally come out as nothing is truly hidden under the sun and lies (or is it ignorance?) has been exposed.

Yes, I think she owes Miss Beverly Osu a heartfelt apology


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