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“I Will Club You To Death If You Come Close To My Kids With Your Demonic Sexual Depravity” – Nigerian Man, Emmanuel Nwachukwu Fumes On Twitter

pedo-emmanuel nwachukwuA Nigerian man, Emmnauel Nwachukwu, uploaded his infant daughter’s photo on his WhatsApp profile and this drama happened. The little girl is only 12 months old.

When the question was raised on social media on if Nwachukwu’s outburst was too harsh, I wrote in response:

“Emmnauel Nwachukwu deserves a free beer. In fact, I’ll assist him with my pestle.

What rubbish! What happened to the age of innocence? What happened to the times kids bathed innocently outside and adults would go about their business without noticing? WE ARE AFRICANS!

Our children deserve their time of innocence and any perverse demon who thinks otherwise I’ll personally bite off their ear, chew it like gum before spitting it in their face.

I’m 1 million percent passionate about my kids. Don’t even think about it. Rushing to Twitter to find Mr. Nwachukwu. He needs an ally”

Ayu, a commenter was of the opinion that parents should not share their children’s photos on public networks to protect from paedophiles. She wrote,

“Mind the way you post your kids pictures these days. Kids predators are in everywhere… You may think your kid’s pictures are just normal pictures but for the bastard kid predators the pictures really attract them.”

Another person, Jane, took us down memory lane to how children were photographed in the 70s and 80s…She wrote,

“I remember those good old days,when babies necks were covered with white powder, then a napkin was wrapped around the bottom, with a nice Ankara background. Nobody saw our breasts then but now perverts are everywhere.”

I remember those type of photos very well. They were mostly taken when the baby was 3 months old. The baby was photographed only wearing a nappy diaper to show off how healthy and chubby they had grown. After reading Nwachukwu’s rant, I had to go fish out my baby pic to show how it was back then…ubong- 3 monthsThis was me at 3 months. Photo was taken in July, 1974. It was very common to see such pictures taken of babies and copies sent to family members friends who will in turn send you copies of theirs each time a new baby arrives.

I wonder what the world is turning into nowadays if we can see an infant breasts as a sexual object.

What’s your take on this?




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