I Wish I Could Talk To Whitney…To Send Bobbi Kristina Back


WHITNEY HOUSTON-COLLAGE-PBWB-600x810February 11, 2012 was just like any ordinary day for me. I picked up the remote control to my cable TV and settled down on my sofa to flip through the channels.

Then I saw the news, and it seemed the clock stopped for a minute. Whitney Houston was dead. Shock, realisation and pain, followed in that order. Then the tears started flowing freely until my whole body shook in uncontrollable sobs.

Usually, when a celebrity I love dies, I feel pain and sadness, but not in the dimension I felt with Whitney. We had a soul connection. It was as if I had known her all my life and truly so; because her songs, piercing lyrics and powerful vocals inspired me all through my girlhood.

I remember back in my University days, I’d travel from Calabar all the way to Port Harcourt just to get a ‘Whitney haircut’ from a stylist who knew how to hook it up all too well. I loved all her songs, I loved all her movies. I loved Whitney.

Whitney had a beautiful soul and an infectious personality that just sucked you in. Unfortunately, she was unable to benefit from the blessings she passed on to mankind, as she battled the demons of drug addiction everyday of her adult life.

Drugs ravaged her body and her beauty. It robbed her of good health, it destroyed one of the most perfect singing voices planet earth had ever heard and finally, it took her life.

As I watched the live broadcast of her funeral, a box of tissue by my side, memories of the beautiful Whitney I knew on screen flashed past my eyes. I couldn’t help but wonder if she understood the magnitude of who she was and what she meant to the world. It didn’t make any sense why she had to go and why she even bowed to the bondage of drugs. I still weep for my Whitney even today.

Today, makes it exactly three years since Whitney died. Right now, her only child and daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown is on life support fighting for her life. We’ve all been praying for her safe recovery for over a week. I can’t help but wonder what Whitney is telling Bobbi K right now. Is she saying:

“Stina, I’ve missed you so much. I want you to stay with me, don’t let us part no more. The world is so wicked, there’s nothing to go back to. Stay here with me, where no one will judge you or hate you because you’re different. Stay here with me, where there’s so much joy and peace.”

Or is Whitney saying:

“Baby, you have to go back. Your work on earth is not done and you’re still very young. Don’t make the same mistakes I made. Go back and conquer your demons, leave a seed the world will remember you by. Let those who are lost in the path of drug addiction be strengthened by your testimony. Then you can come back as a perfect soul ascended to the glory of the Father.

I’ll always be here watching over you and guiding your every step. I’ll never leave you or let go.”

 Someone named Supreme Divinedropped a comment on one of Whitney’s YouTube videos. It’s the perfect way to close my tribute this year…

“Whitney, I know Bobbi Kristina is up there with you and you wanna keep her safe, but it’s not her time to go yet so please send her back!

She’s only 21, she hasn’t even experienced life yet! Give her a chance to gain prosperity. Give her a chance to experience real love and motherhood, Whitney! Please send her back. I know you just wanna protect your baby, but she’s stronger than you think she is!

Send her back Whitney, so she can walk the path of redemption…right her wrongs! Send her back Whitney because I believe this near-death experience will strengthen her sobriety and make her experience life a lot more!

Send her back Whitney. Your mom needs her so she can still have a part of you with her. Send her back Whitney so she can carry on your legacy! Send her back Whitney, it’s not her time to go!”

*TEARS* RIP Nippy and WAKE UP, in Jesus name, Bobbi Kristina!

WHITNEY-BOBBI 1Whitney and her baby, Bobbi Kristina. This photo speaks volumes…*tears*

WHITNEY-BOBBI 2Whitney and Bobbi Kristina

WHITNEY-BOBBI 3 CISSY-BOBBI-2Bobbi Kristina with her grandmother, Cissy Houston

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