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I'm Suing The Guy Who Said I Was Drunk – Lindsay Lohan

I reported yesterday that Manhattan chef , Jose Rodriquez claimed Hollywood actress, Lindsay Lohan had brushed his knees with her car. He also claimed Lindsay was drunk at the time. Well its all lies as discovered through police investigations.


Linsday Lohan may be prone to getting into trouble; but this week, she’s innocent.  Lindsay believes she could lose work if people think she’s drunk driving again, so she’s planning on suing Rodriguez for defamation.

Lindsay is saying, “I’m tired of people lying just to score a quick paycheck.”


She also believes getting arrested is bad for her health … ’cause she’s telling friends the stress from her NYC bust aggravated her pre-existing pneumonia so badly, she had to be hospitalized.

That’s right, Lindsay is blaming stress for her damaged lungs … she seems to forget that she blew  49 packs of cigarettes in 47 days while she stayed at the Chateau Marmont this summer.



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