Is Actor, RMD Aging Gracefully? [MY DEEVANALYSIS]


RMD1Awww…didn’t every girl born in my time crush over Richard Mofe Damijo, during his ‘Checkmate’, ‘Violated’ and ‘Out of Bounds’ days? Yep…we all did!

Now it seems like a long time ago, as new photos of the iconic actor shot this week on a movie location in the United States have been released.

The 53 year old actor is seen looking very fit and buff in casual clothes and a dapper suit. For his age, the actor’s body looks like that of a Greek god…no pot belly and healthy-looking biceps. But his face? Nahhhh!!! I don’t think I very much like how it looks. His face to me looks way older than 53.

But other bloggers were posting the pics and saying stuff like “oh he looks hot”…bla bla…yeah!!! But he could look better? Thought I was going mad for seeing differently, so I took the liberty of putting his recent photos through the age analysis test. (scroll down to see the results.)

Sometimes, certain fitness programs we adopt leans us out and makes our physique look good. But it also makes one’s face to look gaunt. Due to the massive cutback on certain food groups we strive to avoid because it’s not good for people of a certain age, we tend to miss out on some nutrients which gives the face a youthful glow. Not to mention the addition of Naija stress on the body.

We want our old RMD back. So I’m suggesting that he indulges in some good quality supplements like Royal Jelly, Omega 3, Vitamins A, C, E and Aloe Vera Gel drinks. My brand of choice? Forever Living Products.

Overall, a mighty kudos to RMD for taking fitness seriously…something that isn’t common with Nigerian men.

RMD2 RMD3 RMD4 RMD 5 RMD6RMD-OOB-MOVIERMD in the Out of Bounds movie

Results from RMD’s age analysis test…RMD-OLD 2You be the judge!

Recent photos of RMD courtesy Golden Icons

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