Is Chidinma Ekile Ugly Without Makeup?


CHIDIMMA EKILE-NO MAKE-UPA lot of people who have seen this photo are saying “Yes.”

But I’d Like to tell you what I think. We now live in a world where almost everyone has been brainwashed to accept a certain standard of beauty.

The cosmetic surgeries…butt lifts, breasts augmentation, botox and lip fillers. The heavy makeup…contouring, highlighting and shading. All to meet up wit the world’s acceptable standard of beauty. All to impress people who at the end of the day do not really give a rat’s ass about you…people who hardly know you.

When you get back home alone and wipe all that mask off, it’s just you, yourself and you. The way God created you and in my opinion, the only person…although more of an invisible force…who loves you.

Yes, God! The only being who was kind and selfless enough to create you with functional eyes to see, a nose to breathe, a full set of teeth and limbs to make something useful out of yourself. And guess what? God made oxygen free!

Imagine a world where you had to pay to have everything which the Creator had already provided for free.

In defiance to the ignorance, greed and selfishness of mortals, you should most definitely proudly flaunt the body and face you were born with. It’s the least you could do to show you’re grateful for being given the gift of your unique form for free.

Try paying for a kidney dialysis, or to cure a skin disease or to repair an accidented body part; then you may better appreciate the masterpiece of creation that you are.

Makeup should enhance the beauty that you already have naturally. It shouldn’t be an excuse to hide behind a mask or to impress.

By now, you should have known what I think about Chidinma Ekile. I see naked confidence…I see beauty in soul and body.

‘Ugly’ is just a word created by self-conscious, inferior humans to bring down your confidence. Take a good look at the mirror next time your makeup comes off and say to yourself:

I am beautiful.


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