Is Maheeda Worth More Than 30 Million Naira? [MY DEEVANALYSIS]


MAHEEDA-TWTAs an analytic writer, I sometimes find it very difficult to know when to draw the line between criticising and judging.

This is because criticising for me is a vital key to reformation in contrast to judging which could always end in putting a person down which isn’t my aim. In Maheeda‘s case, I always try to avoid topics concerning her because she is in one word a chameleon.

If she’s not a prostitute today, she’s a gospel singer tomorrow. Then she transitions to a secular singer, after which you see her pull some crazy stunts like twerking stark naked, giving a blow job to an empty champagne bottle and generally acting all bad and justifying that badness with some acid quotes on her Instagram page.

For all it’s worth, I like Maheeda. She’s an exotic beauty with a charming baby face. I think she’s a talented singer and dancer. I also think she’s not half as bad as she wants us to believe. So it really breaks my heart when I see her pull some of those stunts.

I’m not talking about the mild flirtations…grabbing her boobs and teasing the guys…that seems acceptable in the world we live in today. I’m talking about going all the way and leaving nothing to the imagination.

Maheeda may have released a couple of tracks in the past which were never popular. She may not have gotten a good record deal. She may not have gotten a solid music fan base to take her seriously. So she turned to shocking the pretentiously conservative Nigerian society with her brazen display of nudity.

According to her, she was offered 30 million naira to act in a porn movie which she allegedly turned down. Maheeda tweeted:

“Can you imagine the insult? Dem carry 30 million naira, dey ask me to do blue film! That one na money? Idiot! Two of my cars, naim be that now!”

This brings me to the question: What does Maheeda want? Surely she can’t be selling all that market on social media just for the fun of it? She has posted so many daredevil nude photos and videos on the internet FOR FREE that it wouldn’t seem out of place to stumble upon a porn video with Maheeda starring in it.

She calls herself the ‘Queen of X’ and we all know porn movies are X-rated, so what other cryptic message does she need to send to porn movie producers to prove that she’s the very woman they want?

The woman seems to be happily married with a daughter whose beauty transcends other beauties. She seems to live a very comfortable life, but can’t resist telling us she is bent on destroying whatever self-respect she has left.

Do you believe she was offered N30m yet turned it down? I don’t think she was given any offer. Even if it’s true, I feel she’ll jump at that amount. Yes, I said it. Why show us for free the same thing someone else is offering you N30m for? What was the highest single pay she ever got working as a prostitute? Was it up to N30m?

In these days where bad publicity is the fastest springboard launching people to stardom, some people are willing to sell their souls to the devil. I think Maheeda could be given a chance. She is very talented. God has better plans for her.

To see Maheeda dancing and twerking butt naked, you can watch and download the video by clicking, HERE 


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