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Is ‘Ribcage Bragging’ The Most Disturbing Instagram Celebrity Craze Yet?

Latest celebrity Instagram trend is 'ribcage bragging'First came the thigh gap. That was quickly followed by the so-called ‘bikini bridge’ and the six pack.

But the latest social media vanity is the most disturbing yet. Suddenly, being merely super slender and toned is no longer good enough. Today’s attention-seeking young thing must also have a proudly protruding rib-cage. It’s a look that supermodel-of-the-moment Bella Hadid (left) recently displayed on her Instagram account.

Artfully lying on her side in a barely-there bikini, arms above her head to ensure maximum rib-cage exposure, the 20-year-old looked dangerously in need of a good meal.

A raft of models, singers and social media stars are also following this toxic trend which surely takes the cult of skinny to a worrying new low. (Pictured top right, Rita Ora, and bottom, Myleene Klass)



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