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Is This Woman A Disgrace To Nigerian Women? [WATCH VIDEO]

ANGEL LOLAWell, some Nigerian people think she is!

I was minding my business on Facebook when this woman’s video popped up on my timeline. What caught my eye was the caption the sharer wrote and the heated debate that took place in the comment thread underneath. So I clicked to see what the ruckus was all about.

It was a video of a beautiful young Nigerian woman dancing in her room. Not unusual right? According to the woman in the video…who goes by the name Angel Lola on Facebook…She was bored and decided to do a video of herself dancing.

I think it’s best you watch the video before I continue with my gist…

Lola, who is a mother of one son has been blasted on social media ever since her video went viral. Some people felt the video was indecent because she showed too much boob and her zebra striped panties was peeking out from under her dress from time to time.

One Nigerian man said she was a total disgrace to womanhood and was tarnishing the good image of Nigerian women like his mother and sisters.

Then one Nigerian lady took him up and said blasting Lola with hateful comments wasn’t the best way to go about it. She stressed that people must be corrected with love.

Meanwhile the Lola babe no send anybody! See what she wrote on Facebook in response to all the cusses poured on her. She wrote…

“All because of a dance video, I have now become a bad person and a girl with standards hahahaha haha lol I can’t help but laugh cause it’s funny ppl how always something to say about ur life

WHO EVER DON’T LIKE ME PLEASE DELETE ME VERY SIMPLE BUT as for that video it’s not coming down

I can never get mad or hurt by wat ppl say about me its a free world my self have watched the video a thousand times to see wats wrong but yet all I see is a girl having fun. God does things in very marvelous ways. Anyway I’m still going to be me in spite of wat ppl say.

Shit don’t faze me
Video is not going down ( no lele wizkid voice ppl please continue ur bad mouthing me ooooo ok please continue.”

ANGEL LOLA-FBDo you agree with the Nigerian man that Lola is a disgrace or do you feel Lola should be left alone to do her thing?



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  1. its a free world lolz,do ur thing and let others do theirs.xoxo

  2. All you “butter-won’t-melt-in-my-mouth-types”, leave her alone…live your own life, period!!!

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