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Israel Fires Warning Shots Into Syria

I guess we all know by now that there’s a war going on inside Syria. It seems the fighting was threatening to spill-over to the border Syria shares with Israel.

So Israeli troops fired warning shots into Syria on Sunday, to caution them. The Israeli military said in a statement, in what public radio said was the first Israeli fire directed at the Syrian military since the 1973 war.

“A short while ago, a mortar shell hit an IDF post in the Golan Heights adjacent to the Israel-Syria border, as part of the internal conflict inside Syria. In response, IDF soldiers fired warning shots towards Syrian areas,” the army said in a statement.

Syrian warplanes pounded an eastern town on the border with Iraq on Sunday as firefights raged around an army barracks in the northeastern town of Ras al-Ain near Turkey, a watchdog said.

Israel issued a terse warning on Friday after three mortar rounds struck the Golan the day before, the latest in a string of “spillover” incidents into the Israeli side of the ceasefire line.

Syria should better respect themselves, because Israel doesn’t take such things lightly.




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