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It’s My Brother’s Birthday Today…Yay!!

ANDREW-XI have lived with this guy ever since he was born. So I can boldly say that this guy is the kind of guy, most girls dream of but never have. Andrew Udo is solid. All 50 shades of him are authentic. His personality is like a rainbow…so transparently beautiful that you can’t decide which one is more beautiful than the other.

God created him, packaged him as this bewitchingly handsome African king and gave him to me as my BROTHER. With much happiness and pride, I’m thankful to God for this day of his birth.

Drew, as you celebrate your birthday today, I’m with you in spirit. Just continue doing what you were created to do…CONQUER. I see your super hero cape flying you to greater heights. I love you with all of my dying breath. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Pweebers, please join me in celebrating my brother.



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